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“I can’t hear you over the sound of how poor you are” and other inspirational quotes from @silentsolutions spoken to me at @greenlinetactical course. #buyamawl

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Silent Solutions

One has got to wonder who the design folks are over at Steiner. Is there any innovation going on over there? #buyamawl

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Scott Hendrick

Completed my first night vision course with @greenlinetactical this last weekend. Though I have some time with night vision because of the Army, to see the capabilities of the system is eye opening. It has made me realize that I had failed to capitalize on training opportunities as a PL, and now have more chances to increase lethality of Troopers in the future. Don and Sam ( @silentsolutions ) are both great instructors, with their personalities playing well off one another. Thanks to @aztectraining for putting on the class, and all the help from @tnvc_inc @americandefensemfg @echoarms (who also took a great photo ) , and @solscud007 foe letting me try a red dot pistol out, and all the other students who made it a fun class. If you want to read more about it, I have an AAR on the Primary and Secondary forums under training AARs. #buyaMAWL

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