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Leicester, United Kingdom

As a small business owner, if there were a 'Small Business Retreat' or 'Think Tank' available for you go on for a weekend, 'What Would You Want' from it? For years corporate businesses have gone on retreats to help team building and that sort of stuff but more recently they have turned in to mini-mastermind events where attendees have taken time to take a look at their business in the cold, hard light of day, away from the business and come back with actionable and game-changing tactics and strategies. So if you could go on one, with a small group of like minded business owners where there would be down-time, fun activities and sessions based on growing your business AWAY from you business, what would YOU want included? Cannibalism

Leicester, United Kingdom

🎯 Thoughts please... 🎯 The power and necessity of Mastermind Groups have been well documented in business success stories and key business books, such as β€˜Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. Being able to benefit from the knowledge, skills and expertise of a small, exclusive group of people that all have the same vision can be inspirational as well as increase the likelihood of success within your business at a fraction of the price of a 1:1 coaching relationship. So as a small business owner what is stopping you from joining a Mastermind Group? Cannibalism

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