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Shirley Banderas

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Melb Hotdog & Burger House

😘Mhbh direct to get your foods quicker 👍☎️84180282 !!!#😘🍔🍟🥓📞burger 🥰menu Mel#burger #burger style # ubereat # of melbourne

3D-кинокомплекс «Луч»

БУРГЕРЫ ПО 200₽🍔 Начинайте неделю правильно! С сочных бургеров в @papas_bellini ☝🏻 Кстати, сегодня, все любимые вами 🍔 по единой цене — 200₽🔥 *Акция распространяется на все бургеры, кроме фирменного «ПАПА’S». Бронируйте столы по тел. 204-10-91 Мира, 91 #burger

ドルフィンインダストリー★クラフトビール&バーガー専門店 (@dolphinindustry) Instagram Profile Photo


ビール飲みましょ🍺🍺🍺 🌇🌇🌇🌇 今日のビールはこちら! ①ミッケラー「グリーンゴールドIPA」 7%/ ② Far yeast 「Pineapple ginger Brut 」5.7%/山梨 ③城山ブルワリー「7cs hop Brut IPA」7%/鹿児島 ④EX NOVO「Mass ascension 」6.9%/オレゴン ⑤サンクトガーレン「Fresh hop IPA」6.5%/神奈川 今日もメチャメチャ暑かったのでおススメはFar yeast Brewing 「パイナップルジンジャーブリュット」ジンジャーが効いていて、ドライでスッキリ! #burger

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Stekt Burger & Stuff

🍔🍟🇸🇪 — ⭐️ Burgerdudes publish two reviews every week. You can find all our reviews on This is our 382th review. — Stekt Burger & Stuff (★★★☆☆) — Stekt Burger & Stuff have a small restaurant in Täby Centrum, a short trip north of central Stockholm. They are located in the food court with several other restaurants, housing a bunch of seats and a menu with 8 burgers in total, costing between 109-125 SEK (11-13 USD). · We tried several of their burgers, among them the "Go'Biten" (with mayo, cheese, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard) and the "Chipoteln" (with chipotle dressing, steak sauce, smoked cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato and onions, with both regular and sweet potato fries (for 3/4 USD). · Everything sounded great on paper, and the burgers looked pretty nice. But our meal could really be summed up with one word, and that word was "soft". The patties hardly had any char whatsoever, and the burger lacked any textures that really stood out. The flavours were pretty similar as well, and we really had to make an effort to find anything special with our meal. It wasn't bad in any way, but everything just felt subdued and held back. The Go'Biten was a classic cheeseburger that we finished pretty quickly, but afterwards we struggled to remember it. The Chipoteln burger at least had some jalapeños that gave it some heat and crunchiness. · The side orders were a bit better at least. The large portion of fries tasted great, and the sweet potato fries were both creamy and nicely caramelised. We were quite content when we left Stekt Burger & Stuff, and probably wouldn't hesitate to eat there again. But it's not as if we'd make an effort to go to Täby Centrum again just for their burger — @stektburgerandstuff #burger #🍔 #🍟 #🇸🇪

Dusty Donkey Cafe

Yummy potato wedges being prepared to accompany our burger of the day special #burger

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Monchay Kitchen

Hello Central Coast! It's that time of the year again! Alive Plant Based Festival is THIS SATURDAY! We'll have all your favourites on the menu so come hungry! See you then! 😊 Location: Kibble Park, Gosford 10am to 4pm #burger

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