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TacticalArms&Manufacturing LLC (@taylor_tac_arms) Instagram Profile Photo

TacticalArms&Manufacturing LLC

South Jordan, Utah

🌲M81 Multicam 🌲 on the @brugger_and_thomet with the matching @trijicon and @magpul mag. This bad boy will be on display at @gallensons_guns_ go check out our work in person, pictures sometime do it justice! #bruggerandthomet

B&T TP9-N sporting an Trijicon RMR (green DOT) on a low profile Strike Industries mount / 9mm / 30rd Magazine - this thing is truly ridiculous‼️Have since added the Custom Smith Mfg flat trigger @brugger_and_thomet @trijicon @strikeindustries @pbso561 @sbr.nation #bruggerandthomet

KCI USA INC (@kci_usa) Instagram Profile Photo


Repost @gregskazphotography ・・・ B&T APC223 running the @modlitesystems PLH-18650⁠ / @arisakadefense Side Scout Mount⁠ combo, @kci_usa 50 rounder drum. ⁠ •⁠ ⁠•⁠ #bruggerandthomet

Aim True - Victory or Valhalla ( Instagram Profile Photo

Aim True - Victory or Valhalla

These bad boys tho😍😍😍 --- @chrisphoenix12 and I took our rifles out last last weekend and I finally got a nice photo of them both with their mounted!!! --- Chris' #bruggerandthomet APC223 with his recently acquired sparc red dot which pairs with the rifle quite well and weights next to nothing. I can shoot 1 hole, 3 round groups at 50 yards with it at our homemade at a marsh about an hour out from our is a very nice set up he has going on now, just has a bipod left to get and more magazines😁😁😁 --- My @stag_arms now has a super sexy specterdr 1.5/6x calibrated for the 7.62 round on is an amazing amazing piece of glass💦💦💦 is worth more than the actual rifle it sits on top of hahaha. My rifle overall is getting close to being DONE, which I can't wait for, hopefully for summer 2020 I can have it 100% set up how I like😎😎😎 #🔫

Innovative Systems (@isdistribution_inc) Instagram Profile Photo

Innovative Systems

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Seriously loving this @glockinc 45 MOS with threaded barrel! 💥🔥💥 Make yours shoot flat like ours by grabbing one of our recoil Systems on our website ☝️👍 ——————————————— . . . . . . . . . #bruggerandthomet

Eagle Armory - Springfield, MO (@eaglearmorysgf) Instagram Profile Photo

Eagle Armory - Springfield, MO

Eagle Armory

B&T APC9 Pro back in stock at Eagle Armory! These don’t sit around very long for us so don’t miss out! Contact us for more info. #bruggerandthomet

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