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Tsailíí Rogers

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Take Back Your Link

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The EZ Breezy Life

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Acupuncture Healing Haven ☯️

Boundaries. It's all about boundaries. #boundaries

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👑 Lisa Fabrega 🌙

MOST OF US go into avoidance or ‘money-ghosting’ mode when it comes to examining our relationship with money and our capacity to earn, save and invest larger and larger amounts of money. . Here are a few examples of what avoidance around your money capacity can look like: . Being a little too quick to pronounce you don’t have a Money Capacity issue. . Thinking Money Capacity issues are only for people who make no money or very little money. Or vice versa, thinking Money Capacity issues only affect millionaires. Money Capacity affects EVERY level of earning. Even if you’re happy about the amount of money you’re making, trust me, you probably have a money capacity issue. . Blaming your revenue/earning/income plateau on ‘the current market’, ‘your industry having a bad year’, your business model, your audience, your marketing or your strategies. (And thinking if only you could change one of those things that it would somehow all magically come together). Except it’s not your strategy, it’s your capacity. . Thinking that you need to work on some other issue ‘first’ before you work on your Money Capacity. Money Capacity is intertwined with EVERYTHING. Ever-y-thing. If you don’t work on your Money Capacity, nothing else will move and shift. . Delaying an investment you know in your soul you need to make because you have ‘something else’ you need to invest in first. With gentleness, I say this: no amount of investing in a new kitchen or hiring another strategist is going to take away the fact that it’s TIME to do the slightly scary thing and face your money capacity issue once and for all. . The list above does not include ALL the ways you might be avoiding your money capacity. Just some. . I am hosting an upcoming virtual Money Capacity retreat. This is where we will focus entirely on expanding your Money Capacity. If you are ready to do the kind of transformational work that will finally move your money capacity to the next level, visit the link in my bio for more

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sophia, future MFT

Grand Canyon National Park

Missing this view and this feeling. Hoping to regain some of this body confidence while I’m in Hawaii on vacation. I remember thinking how freeing it was to be at the Grand Canyon and I wanted to go the extra mile and just be care free. I have so much work to do in the self love category, especially with self acceptance. I’m working every day to be a little more gentle and little more kind to myself. I’m challenging myself to not hold myself back from doing anything on this trip because of how I think I look to other people. How are you all doing today? ☀️

For real. If you're going to take legal action against your ex for money, not really something you need to tell your kids... Really just comes off as fuel, rather than relaying information. Why would your kids be interested in knowing you're feeling powerful because you're suing someone. How many parents have been through this? How did you handle it? . For more like this follow @mamabearblendedfamilysupport . #boundaries

UNBECOMING – "There are some layers you are wearing That are not really you. They are heavy and they are dark And don’t let your light shine through. It’s time to make some changes, And this is where you start. Time to grab each layer And start pulling them apart. You can rip them fast, Or you can peel them slow, Either way it’s like a band-aid and they have got to go! With each that you remove, You’ll start to come to see The real you, raw and true, What you are meant to be. You will continue to unbecome As you become who you are. It’s part of the process. Of shining like a star." -Cassie Lennox

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