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Swati Mohan (@swati._mohan) Instagram Profile Photo

Swati Mohan

A practice I had discovered in 2015 I think, out of play. Worked with it for sometime, extended it to improvisation in class and had paused it to find a robust reason to build further. I found the reason! So while reading Sapiens this is what I read. "Modern sapiens sport a brain of averaging 1200 - 1400 cc. The fact is that a jumbo brain is a jumbo drain on the body. Its not easy to carry around, especially when encased inside a massive skull. Its even harder to fuel. In homo sapiens, the brain accounts for about 2 - 3 % of total body weight but it consumes 25% of energy when body is at rest. By comparison, the brains of other apes require only 8% of rest-time energy" "Archaic humans paid for their large brain in two ways. Firstly they spent more time in search of food. Secondly their muscles atrophied. Another singular trait is that we walk upright on 2 legs. Yes walking upright has its downside. The skeleton of our primate ancestors developed for million of yrs to support a creature that walked on all 4s and had relatively small head. Adjusting to an upright position was quite a challenge, especially when the scaffolding had to support an extra large cranium. Humankind paid for its lofty vision and industrious hands with backaches and stiff necks" The last bit says it all. If we find a way to carry our heads in proper alignment with the rest of the body, most of our problems are solved. Simple practices like this can help. Start your day with walking around doing household chores balancing a light weight thing on your head and observe what it does. Suggesting to the occipital joint to stay lengthened helps pulling the weight of the head up, relieving the spine and lower limbs. Try 馃槑馃槂 Keep the head up and stay light. The head needs to know its place 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槣 . . . . . #bodyresearch

s e n s e: m u  e   v    e (@sensemueveorg) Instagram Profile Photo

s e n s e: m u e v e

The Sense:Mueve {practice} aims to connect us with our entities as a whole. When we come to an understanding of how complex our bodies are, we realize our interconnection with all elements of nature. 鈥- I鈥檝e been feeling a lot of tension lately in my jaw and went back to my anatomy book, be able to observe the complexity of my muscles and breathe out to that part of my body to release that tension. #bodyresearch

Io cos矛 ritorno nel mio nido, proprio l矛... nel mio cuore. Warm up presso @margana_terra_di_danze before the class . . . #bodyresearch

Lab de Fenomenolog铆a Corporal (@fenomenologiacorporal) Instagram Profile Photo

Lab de Fenomenolog铆a Corporal

Quedan pocos cupos disponibles! Estos ser谩n los temas de las mesas de discusi贸n... adem谩s algunos de los conferencistas impartir谩n workshop y tendremos sesi贸n de p贸ster. No te lo pierdas 馃槈 . . . There are few vacancies left! These will be the topics of the round-table... in addition some of the speakers will impart workshop and we will have poster session. Don't miss it 馃槈 #bodyresearch

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Brian Yam_3399

1st workshop done 鉁 By Luca Ghedini That鈥檚 was a surprising workshop !! Not only do improv Also did some special routines馃А but I can鈥檛 carry that things dance so weird 馃ぃ #bodyresearch

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