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Brittany Brown

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Hiram Skywalkerr

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Halim Music Records

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Shay’s Bites

My favorite pop as of late has got to be the exclusive boba fett. Its just something about the color with this one that I can't get over. #bobafett

Boba Fett/Judge Fett/Ash Fett (@boba_in_the_hood) Instagram Profile Photo

Boba Fett/Judge Fett/Ash Fett

Death Star

I sold out long before you ever heard my name #bobafett

Testing colors schemes #bobafett

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Boba Fett is an unaltered clone of Jango Fett, and was created just before the clone Wars. Boba acted as a son for Jango, and eventually became a Bounty Hunter himself. Jango and Boba both wore Mandaloria armor. Boba then met his demise to the Almighty Sarlacc Pit, but was rumored to of escaped and lived out the rest of his days. #bobafett

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