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Dragon Inmortal Tai Chi Chuan

"-No es su dolor lo que temes. Es tuyo, y por más aterrador que sea, ese dolor te hará más fuerte. Si te permites sentirlo, abrazarlo, te hará más poderoso de lo que nunca imaginaste." ࿏ ࿏ ࿏ ࿏ ࿏ , #blood

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Cadence Maguire

Do me a favour and help corro Hiyo! Me and the fabulous @mysterioussilentart have completed another collab I did the lineart and they did the colour I feel like this looks pretti cool #blood

Working one night on Friday at the Lair at @dorneyparkhaunt inspired a new OC: Carve! He’s always hangry, trying to grow and is always confined to his living quarters until the day he fully develops into a “normal” vampire… but for now he’s just a 417 year old baby. . . . #Blood

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Drop Dead.

Mad how some people really don’t learn. But ya know it’s cool because it’s only going to make me stronger and more confident. They’ll miss what they had. Even though it was their choice to fuck me over. They’ll be one needing the IV drip because I ain’t weak 🖤 Glad I saw through your lies before it was too late 💀 • •Also thank you for the ones who have gave me advice and so much love through this 🖤❤️ • • • #🖤❤️ #blood

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2019# 2sure#blood

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I haven’t drawn gore in awhile. - - - - - - Character; Wales (Gwendolyn Driscoll) Fandom; Hetalia Creator: Me Apps; IbisPaint X - - - #blood

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