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Braulio Agudelo (@mabagani) Instagram Profile Photo

Braulio Agudelo

Blade Show

John Wick set @borkablades at Bladeshow. When I packed my luggage, I guesstimated 3 oz. of Blantons bourbon into my flask. Airport security didn’t go for it, I had a choice of having the flask confiscated or going back out and dump or drink the contents. That was a tall shot to start my vacation. 2019

Derek Simpson (@yoiscissors_mcr) Instagram Profile Photo

Derek Simpson

Need those slicers sharpened? Get booked in for next week. Covering everywhere from Yorkshire to Cheshire. @yoiscissors

Been brought to OUR attention that someone on Instagram is claiming we buy drop forged tomahawk heads and finish them ourselves. As a full time Bladesmith this is an insult. SCROLL TO THE RIGHT to view a few pics our work in progress.

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