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Germini also know as Mini Gerbers, Barberton Daisy, or Transvaal Daisy is an incredibly versatile flower. They look great by themselves or with simple filler such as Statice or Baby’s Breath. Their uniform and almost identical petals make them easy to use in most designs. If it’s color variety you are looking for then, like their larger relative Gerber Daisies, Germinis have them all. With over 600 varieties to choose from and year round availability these flowers have grown to be one of the top ten most popular flowers worldwide. Some of the more popularly Germini colors colors are pink, white, orange, red, peach, purple, yellow, green. # centerpiece #bhgflowers ?

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Ode à la Rose

New York, New York

Romance is our specialty and what better way to say "I love you" than with a bouquet of premium red roses?🌹 .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ #bhgflowers

A dahlia bouquet made from colors we didn’t use in last weekend’s wedding. Truly reminded me of rainbow sherbet. The pink one is Jowie Winnie, pretty sure the red one is Cornel. No clue what the orange one is. . #bhgflowers

🌿🌿🌿I love Houseleeks and have several pots filled with them !!! I put several types together and make small plantings. 🌿🌿🌿Jeg elsker Takløk og har flere potter fyllt opp med dem!!! Jeg setter flere typer sammen og lager små sammenplantninger. Jeg liker spesielt godt denne flaskegrønne varianten! Nå har jeg satt pottene inn i drivhuset for å tørke jorda litt før vinteren kommer. De liker ikke å være våte på bena så det er lurt å sette pottene under tak for å tørke jorda en god tid før vått høstvær og kaldt vintervær setter inn.

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Lotta Björkholm

Allt mitt guld. Rudbeckia, dahlia, rosenskära, solros, lejongap och luktärt. / Rudbeckia, dahlia, cosmos, sunflower, snapdragon and sweet pea.

I don't love posting pictures of myself, but I do enjoy connecting with you guys. I feel like showing the faces who grow the flowers you are buying is a part of that. Buying locally grown means you know where your dollars are going and I hope our love and passion for our product is evident.

So I did a thing. 😍 (swipe for closer look) . I LOVE wallpaper! Love it. I literally want it everywhere! It has such power to transform any space for not a lot of money. Even a tiny hallway to our guest bathroom deserves a touch of whimsy. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted by this beautiful scene as you head to the restroom? (Besides my husband 🙄) @rockymountaindecals makes it so easy to install wall treatments, and remove them! Next time you wallpaper try removable... you’ll never go back! 🙌🏼. What do you guys think? . #bhgflowers

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