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Ölüm, eşsiz bir deneyimdir. •Climax(2018), Gaspar Noe•

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The Sisters brothers (2018) Los hermanos Sisters WESTERN 121 min. Director: Jacques Audiard Cinematography: Benoît Debie Music: Alexandre Desplat #BenoitDebie

Love (2015, dir. Gaspar Noé) we made a promise together and you failed #benoitdebie

The Sisters Brothers. -2018- . A Western that goes away from the many classic versions, and does not have to sacrifice the release of a good Western. . 🎞 . Whether or not you are a fan of the wild west, this film will certainly entertain you. The people who are familiar with this genre will see that the typical features are still present such as chase on horseback through the rugged landscape of the wild west, gunfights, assassins, the gold rush ... And yet this film is a maverick in its genre. Joaquin Phoenix and John C. Reilly play the role of the Sisters brothers. Two brothers who work already a long time together as contract killers. Director Jacques Audiard shows not only the cold-blooded side of them, but the human side of these two men. Each of them struggling with their own problems. The dialogues between the characters make the film almost brilliant. But this also becomes the opposite sometimes. By the many dialogues and waiting for action, it can become somewhat lengthy. But don't worry, this is the only downside. The actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed are also involved in the cat and mouse game. Their characters have something of precious value with them that the Sisters brothers are after. You could say that this is a story in which the brothers are the bad guys and the good guys are chased. And yet you don't get this feeling in the film. Because the director brings of each character the good and bad sides out, they are all the good and the bad guys. This also makes the plot very unpredictable. Do you want to see a Western that is funny, exciting, unpredictable and tragic? Then I absolutely recommend watching "The Sisters Brothers“ . 📽 . #benoitdebie

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Planeta Cine

Love (Gaspar Noé, 2015) ⠀ #benoitdebie

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