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Porkkala, Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland

While guarding diving gear and waiting for the divers to surface there is time for some artsy sh...ots. Here is my guarding buddy @benchmadeknifecompany Bugout taking a dip in the cold Baltic Sea and drying off in the sun. I’m not doing anything... . bugout

Blue on Black @spyderco_inc PM 2 @boker_knives Kalashnikov @benchmadeknifecompany Bugout

PatinaEDC (@patinaedc) Instagram Profile Photo


First of all; thank you guys!👊🏻🍻 We’ve passed 500 people on this feed in just a month! You are awesome!👏🏻 • Today’s stuff! @taleofknives and @hitchandtimber are my favorite leather workers! The quality is just 👌🏻 • Makers tagged • #benchmadebugout

Another new recent toy... that belongs to the wife. Velocity Blue F150. Damn I love this truck! I still love mine but this thing is beautiful. I think the Benchmade matches well! Good thing I got her one to match! bugout

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