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Inspire Cafe (@inspirecafebda) Instagram Profile Photo

Inspire Cafe

Donut burger for call@in 295-0555, sit in or have @sargassoseabda deliver #beinspired

XLr8 Commercial Interiors (@xlr8reps) Instagram Profile Photo

XLr8 Commercial Interiors

This just in. . . ⠀ ⠀ ..⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #Beinspired

Inspire Kids (@inspirekids_ng) Instagram Profile Photo

Inspire Kids

Out of town program available, we train facilitators🙌 , happy kids inspired by innovations 💥💥💥 #beinspired -on -on

Cedar Markers (@cedarmarkers) Instagram Profile Photo

Cedar Markers

🍃🍂Autumn is officially upon on - an artists favorite season! 🍃🍂 The changing season brings with it a mosaic of stunning shades as the world transforms into a sea of orange, red and green! 🍃🍂 How does Autumn inspire your artwork? 🍃🍂 . . . #BeInspired

Precious Bivings (@hellocoachp) Instagram Profile Photo

Precious Bivings

Affirmations DON'T WORK. . . Unless you believe what you are affirming. What do you believe about you? . . I am worthy. #BeInspired

Debbie Cromack #BusinessCoach (@emergeempower) Instagram Profile Photo

Debbie Cromack #BusinessCoach

When it comes to strategy, getting it not quite right does NOT mean you got it wrong. . We’re so quick to judge ourselves with blame and not-enoughness that we actually end up creating our own block. . Instead of bashing yourself because the clients didn’t come pouring in after your recent launch, training series, webinar, etc., evaluate the process you created. . Take a look at what worked well and what didn’t. Talk to those who participated, but didn’t purchase and get their honest feedback. . Are your communication and connection (marketing and sales) strategies struggling to have an impact? Take a look at your core message. It is infused and woven into every piece of content you post? If not, it should be. Make it VERY clear to your potential dream client that YOU can solve their BIGGEST pain point. Do you have a very clear call-to-action of how they can work with you? . AWARENESS is key. Be honest with yourself and tweak where necessary; just be cautious not to scrap your entire strategy. . Be willing to be PATIENT. Realize that there is a time-gap between implementing your strategy and your clients signing up to work with you. Allow patience during that time-gap. Don’t let it make you nervous and freak out, causing you to pivot unnecessarily. Also, don’t be oblivious to it and just keep doing the same thing over and over if you’re not getting results and clients coming in the door. . Breathe, give yourself grace, and practice patience to allow faith and all your effort to work their magic and bring your dream clients to you. They WILL come. . Give your strategy at LEAST 90 days to truly have an impact and show you results. Success does NOT happen overnight. Keep the faith, stay resilient. . Here’s a mindset mantra for you to practice: My strategy is working perfectly. I have faith that my dream clients are already on their way to me. While I practice patience, I will allow my belief to settle in. . Mindset is my mojo!!! If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around this, let’s hop on a call. Just tag me here or pop me over a message! . . . .

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