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Adam Balcerak

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Malcolm Saunders

TBT to Backyard Bees This was my daughter Onawa who would lovingly interact with them without fear We Loved having Bees 🐝 and we used to joke that we though we didn’t have a single cat or dog we had thousands of little pets 🐝🐝🐝 There is no doubt that as someone who has studied nutrition it was the miraculous and healing properties of the Hive which drew me even deeper in love with these creatures There are few foods as nourishing as what we can receive from the Bees 🍯 Honey, Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly and even the bee stings themselves offer incredible healing and nourishment 💛 It is said that humans and bees have been on this Earth as long as each other and there is even a Shamanic tradition connected to Bees Check out Simin Buxton’s book The Shamanic Way of the Bee for a fantastical read! As for learning more about the healing & nutritive properties of the Hive there are numerous books including a great section in Sacred & Herbal Healing Beers by Stephen Buhner And @denismanzer teaches a stellar workshop on the topic too His next one happens to be this weekend @lightcellar Sunday September 22nd Will not only be good info but stellar recipes and sampling of those recipes you’ll learn! 🐝🍯💛 Let’s keep loving up those bees Our Life depends on it! . . . #beekeeper

Well, today was a hard day. I have a hive that has an American Foulbrood infection. It means that I have to the hive and burn all the boxes and frames. This is not a cheap or easy problem. I also have to sterilize my tools and bee suit. #beekeeper

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Sean Roberts

Roebuck, South Carolina

Two week old honey bees learning to fly called their Orientation flight. They are also learning where home is and how to navigate. They will soon be bringing in the pollen and nectar. #beekeeper

Pay attention to her ! They're small but really powerful and fast.. . به عنوان عکس آخر این سری عکسای ‌ نظرتونو به بالهای ایشون جلب میکنم.. بال دو تیکه که قسمت کوچیکتر، زیر بزرگتره قفل میشه، که در صورت لزوم به تقویت بال اصلی کمک کنه برای تامین ۲۰۰بار به هم خوردن بالها در ثانیه! ساختار شبکه ای که به دید میشه گفت برای استحکام خمشی و جلوگیری از گسترش ترک هست هرچند احتمال وقوع پارگی در اون خیلی کمه.. اتصال بالها به ماهیچه های بدنش از نوع گوی و ساچمه محسوب میشه و همین موضوع قدرت مانور در همه جهات رو بهش میده! به نظرتون یی که اینهمه نکته در نظر گرفته برای یه زنبور فسقلی، اَبَرمهندس نبوده؟ "انَّ فی ذلک لایه لقوم یتفکرون" آیه ۶۹ سوره نحل . پ.ن. میدونین زنبورداری تو آمریکا از منابع مهم اقتصادی و راه‌های درمان روحی برای سربازها هم هست؟! keeper

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Central Catholic High School (Portland, OR)

The break in the weather gave me a chance to inspect the hives. I'm pretty sure most of the natural nectar is gone as they have been drinking down 1:1 syrup at a rate of a gallon per hive every few days. I've gone through 75 lbs of sugar in 2 weeks! Looks like there is still plenty of pollen around though. eeper

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Bee 901 Co. / Memphis, Tenn.

Memphis, Tennessee

Check out this text we received last week. If you purchased our "Honeycomb" t-shirt this past spring benefiting Bobby Haskett, here's how your money is going to be spent. All $2,400+. — Seems to be the "Year of the Wheelchair" for Bee 901 Co. You've helped raise money to build two custom wheelchairs for two Memphians in need. — WE LOVE OUR HIVE! Thank you for supporting, not just us, but the people who need it most. 🐝🖤💛🍯 . . . . . #beekeeper

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Cheryl Maree Murray Art

Nature I love you ! Thank you 💛 #beekeeper find the joy. Oxo chez

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