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Manon Duwelz (@manonduwelz) Instagram Profile Photo

Manon Duwelz

Melodia Musik

Morning guys... Gimana kalau ke Kantor nya pakai skuter? dan yang pasti jadi bebas polusi dan go green pastinya! 💚 🛴 😉 PREORDER NOW! NINEBOT SEGWAY MAX High Performance Electric Scooter The NINEBOT MAX UL2272 certified LTA compliant e-scooter probably has one of the longest range in the market. The NINEBOT MAX is the perfect combination of the M365 and the ES4. With significant improvements in every aspect, the NINEBOT MAX UL2272 is a notch above the rest. NINEBOT MAX: Ultimate electric scooter by SEGWAY The world’s most reliable electric scooter comes with the longest range powered by Segway. • cek website atau bisa juga cek ke marketplace melotronic Info lebih lanjut : 0856-9120-2326 ( Call/Wa ).. • Let's join us with 😉 • #beatairpollution

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Tunas Hijau Indonesia

11 tahun bukan waktu yang lama untuk lakukan perbaikan atas kerusakan yang telah sekian lama manusia buat. Padahal bencananya sudah mulai kita rasakan. Masyarakat, pemerintah, dan korporat harus segera berbenah. Suaramu, suara kita, semua harus terdengar keras untuk pukul mundur ! @greenpeaceid #beatairpollution

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Laetitia Daspremont

@europeanmobilityweekbrussels #beatairpollution


"My Environment, My Wealth"

Happy birthday Sir❗Many hearty cheers Hon. Enemi Alabo George (RSHA member representing Asari Toru II), one of our speakers during the World Environment Week Conference; an astute speaker, young, bright and intelligent. He has a penchant for growth and development of youths especially in Rivers State. The reason he has a special section of his initiative (Rivers Professionals @rivprow ) Young Professionals- @YoungProw, who have distinguished themselves within the state and beyond. BTW join our 3rd Beach Cleanup this year and Day of Peace celebration, registration 👉 #BeatAirPollution 💪

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Ruchin Mehra

Planted Kanak champa(1672) on 7/6/19 opst Gandharv music school nehru nagar #BeatAirPollution

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Wow! What an amazing and full of learning weekend with @finding_excellence_ in his Public Speaking Intensive Training! Communication is far way from just the words that compose our message, it’s actually about connecting with your true Identity and Purpose, control your body languaje and play with your tonality in order to CONNECT and ENGAGE with your audience or any person you are speaking to🙂 This is just simply wonderful! 🤩 there is much too learn and I think we are on the right way! Thank you for everything and for everybody that took part of this experience 🙂 . . . #beatairpollution

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