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Akademia Zdrofit (@akademia_zdrofit) Instagram Profile Photo

Akademia Zdrofit

Eating Psychology|KaleandCake (@kaleandcakenutrition) Instagram Profile Photo

Eating Psychology|KaleandCake

That may be tough to read for a Monday morning, but you may need that kick in the pants.⠀ ⠀ Imagine.... ⠀ reframing "It's too hard" into "It's time to start" ⠀ or⠀ rewrite the story from "I'm too busy" to "I'm going make the time"⠀ ⠀ Say YES to yourself. Hit the go button. Do ONE small thing to create better health for yourself.⠀ ⠀ Tell me what you are going to do. Then DO IT!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #balance⠀

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Arangan Photography 📸

"Live a life that is balanced. Don't do anything in excess" #balance

플렉서블 스튜디오 - Flexible Studio (@flexible_studio) Instagram Profile Photo

플렉서블 스튜디오 - Flexible Studio

2019년 9월 16일 "SBS 좋은 아침"에 저희 스튜디오가 잠깐 출연하게 되었네요 ^^ 시범 보여주신 Jenny(미란)쌤 감사합니다~ 연휴도 지났으니 이제 다시 우리의 밸런스를 찾아서!! 고고!!! #balance

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The Breathing Room

Monday, September 16 6:30pm Hatha Bliss with Emilie To view our full schedule, please visit: For inquiries, call: 0101 615 6791 (12:00pm to 8:00pm) or email: The Breathing Room: Building No. 10/5, Road 216, Degla, Al Maadi, Cairo       #balance  

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Deal, Kent

New Challenge Day 1 . Come join our fabulous Hosts and I for this really freeing challenge. Where you can choose what you’re best at and reflect on how far you’ve come on your yoga journey. . Sometimes it’s good to look back and see how far we have come. . I was shocked to realise I’ve only been doing for one year. . How can that be... . Thank you to @k.e.o.w.i For helping me improve my dancer in Dec. . Come join us Don’t forget to wear your Aqaburns so you can be included in the videos. . Check out the Hosts for Rules and remember to comment and like hosts and other participants in the gallery. That’s how we beat IG’s algorithm and widen our community. Spreading the love for yoga. . Hosts🥰 @shreeyoga @jennyg2bfit @suchitra_rx @twistedgalpal @kwang_angkana . . . . 🤣 #balance

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Raw Mojo

How can we stay calm amidst the storm of life? How can we let go of the judgements about what we think we want for ourselves and others? How can we let go of the invisible remote and stop trying to control and manage everything? My teacher tells us the secret is in going beyond the external appearance of life as a series of opposites, good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong and see life as a dance of complementary forces, a gentle push and pull to keep things moving, always in an evolutionary flow. This is the wisdom of the yin/yang. Life is constant flux and flow. Polarities in a dance with each other, ultimately as one. Learn to experience all movements of life with equanimity. Realise that what seem like opposites to the lower mind, when you become stronger within yourself, are not opposites but complementary. The tears and the laughter are not opposites. Life and death are not opposite. They are one. Aham Shiva. Aham Shakti. I am Shiva. I am Shakti. I am the infinite and I am the finite. I am the one who is never born. I am the one who is born. I am the one who shall never die. I am the one who will die. Unite Shiva and Shakti. The yin and the yang. Find balance, unity in opposites. This week’s express practice supports you to experience the unity of polarities within you. You will work with the right and left sides of the brain and body through kriya, pranayama, asana and meditation to experience Shiva and Shakti uniting, giving you full access to life and cultivating fearlessness. You'll find an abundance of yogic techniques and practices at Sattva Yoga to help you open to the divine possibility of your being and step into your natural state of self-mastery 🙏 ✨Awaken your life✨ Express Yoga Thursdays 6:30pm (only 4 spots left) Sattva Yoga Chakra Flow Fridays 10am at Raw Mojo Studio * Raw Mojo * Chakradance * Yoga * Meditation * Bookings essential. Beginners welcome 🧘‍♀️ Regular yoga classes Thursday nights and Friday mornings. Chakradance Sundays once a month. Class booking link in bio 🧡 #balance

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