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"All dressed up . . ."

Pauline Braathen Neurological Center

A chapter closed on Friday of a medical ordeal that began for me last February when I suffered a displaced and fractured vertebrae. The pain was among the worst I’ve ever experienced - in fact I lost 12 to 13 lbs in a matter of weeks due to it. But I couldn’t get surgery scheduled until June because my insurance company required I exhaust all possibilities first (including physical therapy), my surgeon was already booked for months, and the injury happened in the middle of the semester and I didn’t think I should neglect my teaching responsibilities. After my spine surgery on June 18, I spent the summer recouping until I could begin physical therapy again in August. On Friday, my PT team cut me loose, telling me I was ready to start being active again and could go back to the gym. I’ve started slow - surprised I could even complete 30 minutes of cardio (2 miles burning a mere 220 calories) or lift any weights (leg and bench press both only 100 lbs). My surgeon and PT people both said it’ll take about a year to get back to normal so I’m curious to see what my cardio and weight lifting stats will be a year from now. The first pic is me leaving the PT center for the last time - thank you Michelle, Kat, Jude, and everyone else who helped me through this ordeal. Second pic is back at the gym after about 8 months of downtime. #backinjury

Emanuel Thompson (@fastingcarnivore) Instagram Profile Photo

Emanuel Thompson

Back training WITHOUT DEADLIFTS For those who don't know I was in a car crash 5 years ago. I couldn't train, I was eating the standard 6 to 8 meals a day (every 2 to 3 hours) and I just ballooned to 250lb within months. I fell into depression and developed anxiety. Fast forward 5 years I have beat my depression, I lost 70lb, I have put on muscle and I am back into consistent weight training! My lower back is still sore from time to time and when that happens I avoid deadlifts like a plague. Video link is in my bio! Hope you enjoy! Like subscribe and share! #backinjury

Jim Cutting (@jamesrcutting) Instagram Profile Photo

Jim Cutting

Pure Gym

After 6 weeks of worry, pain and seemingly endless frustration, I am off of the Naproxen and painkillers, I am pain free (albeit a little stiff) and tonight I have had my first session in the gym since doing my back! Feels amazing, little niggles from my hip flexor and knee but nothing major! Slowly took it through the gears but did not push it. Recovery is slow but will be worth it in the end! #backinjury

Nikki Matthewman (@thefitnik) Instagram Profile Photo

Nikki Matthewman

Minneapolis, Minnesota

❗️squat clean and split jerks❗️say what????!!! . Just went to a heavy number which ended up being 120lbs. I was stoked with this! No, it’s not the heaviest I have lifted, but it is the heaviest I have lifted in close to a year of these movements. To top it off I had little to no pain in my back!! . . After reviewing my video there are a few things I would like to adjust but damn am I happy!!! . . I also did HSPU’s along with attempts at handstand holds and some handstand walking. . . Waiting to post to see how I would feel today. Back is great!!! I am thrilled!!!! . Shout out to @zeusmethod for this fun day. . . #backinjury

90kg My first heavy pull since the #backinjury 🥳🥳 Not heavy /nor my heaviest however this is a great progress since I nearly thought I wouldn't even be back to deadlifts ..🤭

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