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Logo Yazılım (@logoyazilim) Instagram Profile Photo

Logo Yazılım

ابن اللواء 🦅⚔️ (@aws_h3) Instagram Profile Photo

ابن اللواء 🦅⚔️

ابن اللواء 🦅⚔️ (@aws_h3) Instagram Profile Photo

ابن اللواء 🦅⚔️

ابن اللواء 🦅⚔️ (@aws_h3) Instagram Profile Photo

ابن اللواء 🦅⚔️

SAMANTHA | London Creator (@thecolorsofsam) Instagram Profile Photo

SAMANTHA | London Creator

Social Media Marketing Company (@sillysense) Instagram Profile Photo

Social Media Marketing Company


Netizens, businesses are operating through the ☁️ cloud - remotely accessible, working from home, collaborating more and decreasing the data loss risk. . What do you prefer AWS or Google Cloud services? Well, @SillySense has some free credits to share. Fill in the details and we will send it to you

CSE cohort 2 Miami (@cse_cohort2) Instagram Profile Photo

CSE cohort 2 Miami

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” Never be afraid of asking for help! Thank you to the coaches in this classroom!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @realcatalsy @apronius @tigrazo_blanco

XL Solutions (@xlsolutions) Instagram Profile Photo

XL Solutions

Migre seus dados para nuvem com auxílio da XL Solutions, nossa equipe é altamente treinada para movimentar seus dados de forma segura e gerenciar aplicações. #aws

Brookwood Recruitment (@brookwood_recruitment) Instagram Profile Photo

Brookwood Recruitment

We have a fresh new interim role in for our key tech client in Essex ! Are you a AWS looking for your next contract ? Contact us right away Our Senior Consultant for this role is Pei Chan contact him on He is waiting to hear from you ! #aws

Nordcloud Polska

TECH&BEER⚙️&🍺session at . Mariusz, our #aws architect introduced a to us.💪💪 Sharing is caring, and we’re hungry for more!🤓

Nancy Grabador Bulala (@nancybulala) Instagram Profile Photo

Nancy Grabador Bulala

❤️💻⚙️ #aws

Republic of AI (@republic_of_ai) Instagram Profile Photo

Republic of AI With different versions of frameworks, libraries, and drivers for CPUs and GPUs, developers and data scientists spend a lot of time ensuring deep learning software stacks work well together during upgrades and system changes. In this tech talk, we'll take a look at how container technologies can address these challenges by providing training and inference environments that are lightweight, portable, consistent, and scalable. Through code examples, we'll take a closer look at how to integrate AWS Deep Learning Containers into your development and deployment workflows, as well as how to run large scale deep learning workloads on Amazon EKS. #AWS

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