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The Tesla Nerd

Austin, Texas

Just a fine day at the Austin T Ξ S L A service center ... ——————————————— Buying a Tesla? use my code to get 1,000 miles of Free Supercharging! Tesla Referral Code: 🔋👉🏻Salim55903 ——————————————— . Leave a comment below and follow me @TeslaNerd for more content! 🔥⚡️🔋🔌✅ . . . 📸: . . . . . #autonomousvehicle . .

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Herbert R. Sim

Alongside with Dr. Terence Hung, Rolls-Royce Singapore, talking about Blockchain technologies for the future of transport, and about the current development of Artificial Intelligence and Voice technology into vehicles. . . . . . . #AutonomousVehicle

Houston, Texas

Autonomous AI combines the neural networks that power Internet AI with real-time perception through computer vision algorithms to produce machines that are aware of their physical presence. Our prediction is either (Google subsidiary) Waymo or Tesla will be the first company to develop self-driving at scale. Their differing approaches to the problem summarize the breadth and complexity of evolving transportation. This is a race that will be determined by how each competitor utilizes their advantage, be it Waymo’s pioneering of the technology with the immense resources available from Google (profitability will not have to be a focus in the short term) versus Tesla’s ability to collect driving data from their entire network of cars that allow for easy upgrades to their autonomous systems. An important takeaway from this AI series is to demonstrate how intelligent machines will exponentially increase their capabilities and impact the global economy. PwC forecasts that AI will contribute $15.7T to the global economy in 2030. Just 10 years out, this figure is plotted along an exponential curve that is hard to perceive today. Understanding the signals of how AI progresses will unlock opportunities to participate in the greatest economic impact of human civilization.

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Local Motors by LMI

As a doctor of tomorrow, helps me help my patients by making house calls. It's great to have the easy and safe ability to get to see my patients when they're not able to visit me at my office. Olli helps eliminate stress for all of us! . . . vehicle

For 5 years, the SOCCOM project has been deploying autonomous floats to better understand the role of the vast Southern Ocean in climate change and biogeochemistry. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ All of this valuable data is available on our data access page: ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #autonomousvehicle

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