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diyarbakır history and photos (@diyarbakirtarihi.fotograflari) Instagram Profile Photo

diyarbakır history and photos

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Jocei Crumley

Jocei Crumley (@jocei_jo) Instagram Profile Photo

Jocei Crumley

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Humane Tomorrow

Flower Mound, Texas

Koko and Yum-Yum came to us with such terrible flea infestation and eye infections that they had literally scratched their eyes out. Thankfully, your donations to our Mercy Fund let us save them, and we were able to preserve the vision in one of Yum-Yum's eyes. She now acts as her brother's guide, and they are available for adoption together. . Our Mercy Fund has spent over $100,000 so far this year on animals like Koko and Yum-Yum. Your donation on @ntxgivingday  goes more than twice as far, with $7000 in matching funds and bonus funds from our friends at Communities Foundation of Texas. . link in bio. . . #animalrights

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Unparalleled Suffering

If we can't let animals be who they are then they become the living dead. Animals "owned" by Trunks and Humps who are used for festivals and circuses have their lives stolen every single day. They are forced over and over to do things they don't want to be doing and then when they aren't forced to work, their environment and movement is tightly restrained and all they can experience is fear and boredom and loneliness and stress and . They exist in the eyes of the humans who subjugate them purely to make money for their human oppressors. All that matters about them is their ability to be controlled and to be able to walk with a human on their back. Because of stuff like this human children are taught from a very young age that it's totally okay to imprison and enslave others who have a different appearance and language and culture than us. Please express your disapproval of Trunks and Humps being able to cause animals misery like this in public at the @mnrenaissance. We shouldn't be having fun on top of someone who is clearly suffering. You can reach the Ren Fest through Instagram or by emailing them at or calling them at 952-445-7361 - these rides are scheduled to keep taking place through the end of the month. Also please follow @animalrightscoalition as they seek to ban animal rides at the festival and fight against other animal injustices in Minnesota. ⁣ ⁣ #animalrights

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Susie liked x385 commented x22

I'm vegan for the animals it breaks my heart to know the cruelty that goes on to animals. If I could save every animal on this earth I would. Animal's are not here to be eaten worn or for entertainment one day. I'm hoping for animal liberation the world is slowly turning vegan We will win justice for the animals. #AnimalRights

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Ollie Eckhart Ⓥ

RepostBy @snoopveggiegirl: " @thoseannoyingvegans with @download_repost ・・・ How quickly humanity goes from cringing at the sight of blood, gore and suffering to handing over their hard-earned money to support an industry that embodies pain. Your money tells supermarkets and restaurants what to stock. Vote with your dollar. Choose products that do NOT contribute to cruelty. Sign by @she_plants_empathy #AnimalRights "

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Reposted from @voice.animals (@get_regrann) - Когда, в очередной раз, вам захочется съесть стейк из говядины, посмотрите это видео, пожалуйста ! 🙏🏻 Они такие же, как мы, а во многом даже лучше нас! ❤️ ЖИВОТНЫЕ НЕ ЕДА‼️ GO VEGAN 🌎 🌱 Repost @fundacionsantuariogaia ・・・ Savi pide le den mimos 🥰💚 . Ismael ayudó a nacer a Savi y como su madre murió en el parto, él ha sido el encargado de cuidarla y siempre ha estado a su lado. Para ella Ismael es su padre, y como se puede ver en el vídeo, le quiere con locura. , La carne de ternera proviene de bebés como Savi, y nos parte el alma pensar en todos los que son asesinados cada día para ser comidos por los humanos. . . ➡️¿Nos ayudas a seguir salvando vidas?➡️ . . . #AnimalRights #

Pictures from a few weeks ago when I was rescued. Here’s what my mommy had to say (she thinks everything is ) “Earlier today I read a post from a friend of mine who rescues cats about how she had all this response about a cute kitten she rescued but there are so many cats that need help with no response. I put my phone down and thought “oh man wish we could rescue a cat .. but how would we do it” and at that moment i heard a kitten crying. From under the house! Synchronicity. 6 hours later she was out thanks to that sane friend on here Jennifer Tasso who came and helped us. This weekend we’re celebrating our 10yr wedding Anniversary... guess the universe/spirit gifted us a new friend and the most beautiful baby 🐈 ever. #animalrights

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Yayasan BAWA

BAWA ADOPTION DAY AKHIR PEKAN INI Tim adopsi BAWA akan ada di dua lokasi sekitar Bali akhir pekan ini. Berbincang, bertemu dan bermain dengan anak-anak anjing lucu yang sehat, sudah divaksin dan gratis untuk rumah yang baik. Semua anak anjing disertai dengan kalung, tali, mainan, selimut dan informasi cara perawatan. Jika Anda berada di area tersebut namun tidak dapat mengadopsi, kami tetap mengharapkan kehadiran Anda. Sapa dan temui tim kami dan silahkan donasi makanan atau apapun yang dibutuhkan! DETAIL: SABTU, 21 September 2019 Waktu: 10.00-16.00 Tempat: Rumah Bahagia Pet Service, Jl. WR Supratman No.294, Tohpati, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar MINGGU, 22 September 2019 Waktu: 9.00-15.00 Tempat: Samadi Yoga Studio, Sunday Markets, Canggu DATANG PELUK, ASUH ATAU ADOPSI ANAK ANJING ♥

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