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Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain (@villaparadisospainrehab) Instagram Profile Photo

Villa Paradiso Rehab Spain

Mijas, Andalucia, Spain

For many years, I had experienced strong panic attacks that caused me a great deal of anxiety and sleeping problems. I tried many times to find help to resolve these problems but did not succeed in getting the help that I needed.⠀ ⠀ Finally, I found Villa Paradiso and the fantastic staff there who helped to change my life for better. I spent five weeks at the Villa Paradiso which is situated in with amazing sea and mountain views.⠀ ⠀ The recovery program was very good. I received a great deal of personal attention and support. Especially, I valued my private conversations with therapists. I discovered the source of my traumas from my childhood and learnt how to heal myself. After my time at Villa Paradiso, my life has become much more enjoyable and relaxed. I am deeply grateful that I no longer have self-destructive thoughts and problems with alcohol and sleeping pills that were related to these thoughts.⠀ ⠀ I strongly recommend Villa Paradiso to anyone with similar kind of problems like I had, as a place to change your life around.⠀ ⠀ Thank you for the kind words and we're proud of you, proud of everyone who takes the first step to recovery ❤️⠀ We're here to help, everyone deserves it to be and .⠀

Inspire Change Wellness (@inspirechangewellness) Instagram Profile Photo

Inspire Change Wellness

White Rock, British Columbia

Recovery gives us the opportunity to rise up and be the best version of ourselves. If you are looking for a treatment facility that can help you achieve your goals, contact Inspire Change Wellness at 888.277.2145. We will give you personalised and holistic treatment and support like no other. . . . . . . . . . . ery #alcoholrehab rversion

Awakenings by the Sea (@awakeningsbythesea) Instagram Profile Photo

Awakenings by the Sea

Seaside Oregon

Addiction can be a story of the past, not your everyday destruction. Awakenings by the Sea is ready to help women with our small, family-owned substance abuse recovery program. Find out how we can help you, or the woman you love. Only 90-minutes west of Portland in beautiful Seaside, Oregon. Insurance accepted. (800) 565-4673 (HOPE) Call now! #alcoholrehab

Awakenings Hill Country (@awakeningshillcountry) Instagram Profile Photo

Awakenings Hill Country

Fredericksburg, Texas

Will the weekend bring addiction’s total pain to your life? Why not choose to fight back? Awakenings Hill Country is a small, family-owned substance abuse recovery program created specifically for women. Our team would be honored to stand with you today! Discover hope with us just outside of beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas. Insurance accepted. (800) 730-4673 (HOPE) Now in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Magellan Health. Call now! #alcoholrehab

Oceanfront Recovery (@oceanfrontrecovery) Instagram Profile Photo

Oceanfront Recovery

Oceanfront Recovery

Connection with a community of individuals who support and believe in your recovery journey is essential. We believe that we all can be so much stronger when there is a group of individuals recovering together. 🌊 Even when the odds are against us, we can find our community. If you haven't found your community yet, we're always here to support you. You're never alone in this journey.

Habitude Addiction Program (@habitudewellness) Instagram Profile Photo

Habitude Addiction Program

Habitude - Addiction and Wellness Programs

We sat down with Dr. Shelly and discussed some insights towards relapse. Is a relapse caused by physical factors (environmental or internal) or how about emotional factors? Dr. Shelly also discusses SELF HELP, how to and what to implement into your day to day lifestyle. You can really feel her sincerity and desire to give good advice and help everyone that sits down with her. #alcoholrehab . . . Full video is on our Facebook page, link is in our bio

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