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Brandon Perez 🇳🇮 (@iamcapabel) Instagram Profile Photo

Brandon Perez 🇳🇮

🎥THIS IS MY BALTIMORE🏠 GENEVA MONET WILLIAMS Horticulturalist/Activist . . . “The city of Baltimore has so much potential and so many beautiful people” - @naturalgmonet A homegrown legend for creating her community sign in middle school, Geneva Williams began as an artist and has used that creativity to excel in life. Outside of her work as a contract administrator for Baltimore City, a passion for gardening came from a need to uplift her community. Find out more about this multifaceted phenom and more by watching the full story @thisismybmore 💎 . . . Videographer - @thesunzulu Writer - @rush_hourr Social Media - @gr_noel1 @blog.jermaine Music - @thesunzulu - “Keep On” Prod. by @92colby_ . . . SHARE & FOLLOW @thisismybmore NOW TO CATCH OUR STORIES! . . . #activist

Introducing #Activist Autumn Peltier (aka Water Warrior) “When there is no clean water left, our tears will fall as oil" - Autumn Peltier What sets water rights activist Autumn Peltier apart from others is her strong Native American heritage and her age. The inspiring thirteen year old has been advocating for clean drinking water all across Canada since the age of eight. You can follow Autumn's efforts on her Facebook page Instagram @autumn.peltier Or learn more about her efforts so far in this article: Other Sources:

Smoothies are bae. Also having some soup leftover from yesterday's lunch! Had a good meeting regarding some activism, and gave a good presentation on epilepsy to my program! #activist

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Virginie Vitcz

WO-MEN! . My brand new Kundalini Yoga workshop dedicated to women only. . Those who hear the call will come. . Time is going faster, life more challenging and you need a new technology to become strong enough to handle everything. . This Kundalini Yoga workshop is created for Women of the Aquarian Age we just came into. . Link to participate in Bio. . Click, register, and see you Saturday, 21st September at 2pm MeliMelo Atelier, 187 rue du Temple 75003 Paris. . 👑👑👑 WO-MEN ! . Mon tout nouvel atelier de yoga Kundalini dédié aux femmes. . Celles qui entendent l'appel vont venir. . Le temps passe plus vite, la vie est plus difficile et vous avez besoin d'une nouvelle technologie pour devenir assez forte pour tout gérer. . Cet atelier de Kundalini Yoga est créé pour les femmes de l’ère du Verseau. . Lien pour participer dans la Bio. . Cliquez, inscrivez-vous et rendez-vous le samedi 21 septembre à 14h. Atelier MeliMelo, 187 rue du Temple 75003 Paris. . . . #activist

pierre bennu (@exittheapple) Instagram Profile Photo

pierre bennu

Reimagining exercise 📚 James Baldwin “The Fire Next Time” Image 1 of 3 📚 . #activist

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bianca sucré


Work time ! Fais toi respecter avec ton travail; ta spécialité ; rend toi indispensable à la société et montre au autres que tu est un gagnant malgré ta différence ! #activist

pierre bennu (@exittheapple) Instagram Profile Photo

pierre bennu

Reimagining exercise 📚 James Baldwin “The Fire Next Time” Image 2 of 3 📚 #activist

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