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Kenny Jacobs

@amhistorymuseum • • • • • • In this photograph, Balbir Singh Sodhi holds his nephew and smiles at the camera. Sodhi came to the United States at age 36, leaving behind limited economic opportunity and rising violence in his home in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. However, instead of realizing the the American dream, Sodhi experienced a nightmare of hate and violence. On September 15, 2001, a gunman shot and killed Sodhi while he planted flowers in front of the gas station he owned with his brother. His murderer saw killing Sodhi as an act of retaliation for the September 11 attacks days earlier. When arrested, the gunman proclaimed, “I am a patriot” and told authorities that he wanted “to kill a Muslim.” Sodhi was not Muslim; he was Sikh (followers of a religion originating in northern India). The gunman sought to kill someone who looked like the photographs of Osama Bin Laden that had been widely shown on TV. He targeted Sodhi based on his beard, dark skin, and turban. Sodhi’s death is one of many examples of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric and violence in the United States following September 11. Learn more about Sodhi’s story, and the stories of other people affected by September 11 on our blog: (Link in bio.) Anniversary

I love reading poetry (I write it too occasionally , will share with you guys some day). My notes section on my Facebook contains my favourite poems. However since its not public, I share my favourite poems as blog posts. I feel poetry is easily able to express those feelings and emotions which cannot be put into normal words. A Moment of Silence by Emmanuel Ortiz is one such poem. It is based on the September 9/11 attacks and since this month marks the eighteenth anniversary of the tragedy, I feel it is an apt time to share it. I love this poem because it raises the question that if you want to mourn and grieve the 9/11 victims, please do so. But during this grieving, do not forget all other people around the world that are also being deprived of their basic human rights. Selective mourning is no use, instead we should be mourning the loss of humanity from this world. The twin towers attacks led to wars and invasions that continue to this day. Millions lost their lives, their loved ones and had to flee their countries. But the one thing differentatiing the war and invasion victims from the vcitims of the actual attack is that the “Twin Tower” effectees of this horrible tragedy were given complete media attention and support. However there are millions of others in several parts of the world who are also being deprived of their rights, being maimed and killed being made homeless yet there is no voice and representation for them and nothing expresses this more beautifully than this poem. This poem was released on the first anniversary of the attacks and is a bit controversial. Read on (link in bio) and let me know how you find it. #911Anniversary

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Lilian Garcia

Los Angeles, California

I’ll never forget this humbling moment with the WWE Universe. Today we stand together strong 18 years later remembering the beautiful lives we lost. 🇺🇸❤️ #911Anniversary

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Andreas Berens

New York, New York

A sight that we all miss but shall never forget. . . #911anniversary

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