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Matt Marino

Well now I’m just waiting on the infamous honey badger to arrive in a store near me but for now this little bastard will definitely do the trick!!!! ##762x35

Garbage optics and low lumen lights. Imagine being so disillusioned to thinking that "well mid 90s delta guys ran this so it has to be good". Firearms are like anything else they evolve yes cloning can be fun but don't act like your 89 Camaro can run with even the basic V6 2019. In a industry that cries for innovation we sure do have a death grip on the past. #762x35

@albert_defense the only company out there that doesn't culture vulture to sell merchandise but uses nostalgia to remind you of your roots. And @fudworldwide making mockeries of a failed rights group and their dollar donating senile hunting buddies. #762x35

Hillsboro, Tennessee

Just loaded up the rest of my 145gr pulled bullets from @american.reloading in lake city blanks I converted. It is nice to shoot such an expensive caliber so inexpensively. --- --- --- #762x35

These two paired are something I have really enjoyed. 300 Blackout and 357 SIG just feel like they belong together. Ya know?

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