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Eccoloo il mio prezioso baby man~ Ragazzi Buona giornata! 아미~ 너없이 못살아 Borahae!!💜💜 #6yearswithBangtan ~kookie (@btsevents_lk) Instagram Profile Photo

End of two amazing projects by Sri Lankan 아미. @bts.bighitofficial #6yearswithbangtan 📮 Posting off the last batch of Thank you letters made us so sad like we are gonna miss you so bad 아이돌.. hmm... ( Admin - ) But worry not, Let us see you soon with our World Wide Project. Coming Soon...

BTS Fan Account (@sugaxjkxv) Instagram Profile Photo

BTS Fan Account

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favourite leader!!!! Have a wonderful day today and have fun celebrating your birthday!!! Stay safe and healthy 😁 Have a blessed birthday!!!!!!! 💜🥳💝🎂 I shall now share my favourite quote. “Maybe I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me.”~RM Happy 25th! #6yearswithbangtan

↬ _ ᴷ_ᴴᴱᴬᵀᴴᴱᴺˢ__ (@k_heathens) Instagram Profile Photo

↬ _ ᴷ_ᴴᴱᴬᵀᴴᴱᴺˢ__

༄•° [LEER] NO LO CREO ESTOY ORGULLOSA, NOSTÁLGICA, NO SÉ SI REÍR O LLORAR. Resulta que rompieron el récord de 'MV de YouTube con más vistas en 24 horas'. No tan sólo nos enorgullese su talento y sus alcanzes, sino que también cumplimos nuestra meta como Fandom. Por cierto, no 'puede que estén' es que 'ya están' JSKDKDKFKFKC . . • ⇾⇾ 🌻🍃 @k_heathens 🌻🍃 ⇽⇽ . . . #6yearswithbangtan

BTS Fan Account (@sugaxjkxv) Instagram Profile Photo

BTS Fan Account

Happy birthday to this little maknae who’s not so little anymore 🥳 you’re finally 22! Which means you’re one year older, one year more extra and another year to being more interesting. Thank you for cheering me up with your silliness when I am down and giving me inspiration to write songs. Stay healthy, stay safe and stay amazing! Enjoy your break and ARMY 💜 you:D. Happy birthday kookie 🐰 🎂 #6yearswithbangtan

Bunny 🐰💘 (@army_has_jams) Instagram Profile Photo

Bunny 🐰💘

HAPPY KOOKIE DAY❣️ • •I haven’t been active lately due to school, so I want to apologize for that. I will try to post on the weekends now and I’ll try something new with my edits 💫Anyway I apologize for not posting in a while and I hope you guys have an amazing day💞😊

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