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jennie clayton (@jennie.doodles) Instagram Profile Photo

jennie clayton

Lakewood Ranch, Florida

heard about this meme going around so i figured iā€™d try it out! as you can see my style used to be a tad more realistic than it is now šŸ˜

Brooke Schlaphoff (@aaawhyme) Instagram Profile Photo

Brooke Schlaphoff

Jumping on the meme because I can. It was honestly difficult to decide what styles to showcase here, because I have way more than 4 styles. :/ cant we do a 6styles meme? Or 8??? Help, I'm drowning in styles .. . . . . . . meme

The meme is making me feel so good about my work! I've always kind of beat myself up for being "inconsistent" but looking through everyone's posts is helping me realize that all the ways I like to draw and render probably don't look quite so left field to outsiders. šŸ˜ŒšŸ’– meme


Beth "Aima" G.

There was a meme going on over on twitter where you showcase 4 different art styles you've done in the past. Figured I might as well throw it on here too. . . meme

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