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Sara Marino

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Kyle Jorve

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Hisui |🍑Meep

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Risna wira

Singgah Coffee & Book Purwokerto

So has been trending on instagram, thought i'll share them here to. The things is, if you as an artist was to have as much range as possible to allow more for work opportunities. The point is be really good at one style or just ok for more. Happy weekend everyone, cheers. drawings# s

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David O'Sullivan

#4styles Oil painting, charcoal drawing, animation concept and comic book cover.

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Cats Are The Best

Wow can’t believe i have s 1) Cartoon 2) Semi-realistic 3) Watercolor 4) As close as realistic as i can

Mister E in all my different styles of drawing (minus traditionally coloured one, which I might do later) bcs I have such inconsistent drawing styles lol. . 1st slide is how I draw in a little bit more detail at the moment, while 2nd slide is less detailed & if I wanted to draw a comic i'd use this style, and the 3rd slide is just my simplified style. . My simplified style doesn't look like that anymore tbh but I can't draw in simplified right now haha idk why. Everything ends up having too much detail to be simplified. Also my laptop's usb ports aren't working anymore so i can't do digital drawings sobs. . The character Mister E belongs to me. #4styles challenge? Lol

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join juga la.. huhu 4 style kot 🤔 . #4styles

Jakarta, Indonesia

Joining #4styles Here are some of old works through the years. Dragon: digital age Sheep : watercolor Owl: color pencil Last but not least,my fav captain,Jack Sparrow : graphite pencil I just have to draw him.At least once!😤

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