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🙃 • • stylechallenge I wanna use the bottom right style more often its so simple and cute I drew it on my 3ds tho thats why its more saturated lol

Jessica Coiteux (@bleu_royal_art) Instagram Profile Photo

Jessica Coiteux

Chambly, Quebec

🇨🇦 fr/eng Je veux juste prendre le temps de participer au défit challenge parce que je trouve que ça représente très bien le type d'artiste que je suis, j'aime explorer et essayer de nouvelles techniques. Je crois que peu importe mon mode d'expression, je veux toujours essayer de pousser plus loin pour voir jusqu'ou je peux aller. . . . I just want to take the time to participate in the challenge because I think it represent my style as an artist. I like to explore and try new thechnic. What ever the type of medium I use, I always try to push it furter. . . .

My attempt to challenge.. They look somehow similar to me, but I think it a normal thing lol I love inc, digital and watercolor ❤️ challenge

Wiiwmo (@wiiwmo) Instagram Profile Photo


Los estilos en los que yo dividiria mi arte: mucha textura y linea, sin linea, boceto coloreado y acuarelas! My artstyle divided in four subcategories: texture and line, lineless, sketch and watercolors! challenge

The Animation Lover☆.*。・゚ (@trippytoonqwq) Instagram Profile Photo

The Animation Lover☆.*。・゚

I keep seeing those in Twitter so I decided to do one . By order: regular digital art, Full painting/ Illustration digital art, traditional art( Markers & pencil), animation style. . . . . . #4stylechallenge

Sergio Gómez (@sergenekoiichi) Instagram Profile Photo

Sergio Gómez

Desafío 4 Estilos 4 Styles Challenge challenge

I know this is more of a twitter tag but I wanted to post here too! Which is to showcase 4 of your pieces that you feel are different styles! I made sure to use art that isn’t too old or anything ! It’s hard to say if they’re really much different 😅😅 my style is very overpowering! What kind of style would you say I have ? Or which variant do you prefer ? #4stylechallenge

Ruth Draws Things™️ Studio (@ruthdrawsthings) Instagram Profile Photo

Ruth Draws Things™️ Studio

Montpelier, Bristol

My contribution to the challenge ... tbh it’s only recently that I feel like I’ve developed any kind of recognisable style at all but however I draw & make now seems to fall into these 4 distinct categories: big, bold & graphic; colourful & cartoonish; delicate, tattoo-inspired line drawings; cute doodles that get made into rubber stamps, so here are my favourite examples of those from the last few months :) . . . . . challenge

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