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Jen Paredes (@jeniichan) Instagram Profile Photo

Jen Paredes

Zoo Coffee Philippines

I went earlier to Zoo Coffee's SM Megamall branch before heading to my Korean language class. I'm really thankful that I was able to experience another cup sleeve event a few days after Namjoon's birthday. 😭💜 There were two cup sleeve events that were being held at the cafe earlier: ⭐ (by @SOLID_RM, @RAPMON_PH & @ALLFOR_RM - on Twitter) ⭐ / (by @honeyjoonie94 & @mikRokosMos912 - on Twitter) There are other cup sleeve events that are also being held today at different cafés/locations but because of the class and the rainy weather, I can only go to one location for today. 😭 _너로인해_찬란한_구월

ナムさんおめでとうこざいます🎊 初めての京セラで会った時、堪能な日本語、スタイルの良さに驚いたのを私は忘れません🧚‍♂️物を壊しがちなあなたもたまらなく好きです❕ 投稿遅れてごめんなさい😅ちなみに1番最初におめでとうツイしたのがホソクで涙が流れました #남준_너로인해_찬란한_구월

📖03 탱얭 (@bat0s._.v) Instagram Profile Photo

📖03 탱얭

남준아 너는 방탄의 영원한 리더야. 알쥐?ㅎㅎ 언제나 한결같은 모습 보여줘서 고맙고 앞으로도 쭉 변치말자💜 . . #남준_너로인해_찬란한_구월

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