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SayCarNyo Sulailan Sulaiman🇺🇬

Bio Was born Muslim n rised Muslim will die a muslim inn Sha Allah. n are my games soon becoming coach 4dem. I run @futsaluganda account

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@shedrackbernardo30 plays both n he calls himself @gianluigibuffon in the past 5years I made a personal decision to pack the bag and begin the journey to finding my tomorrow, not that I wanted to leave the House but I did not have any help from family members after (losing all my parents💔) 5years ago when I was a little kid and then get idea to start the journey of 600miles from my hometown to nearcountry and start searching for my future Via Soccer, I have been through a lot of obstacles and difficulties of life sleeping outside daily Eating on towns durst almost a year collecting scraps and sell little money given which is not even enough to eat but I never quit , I chose to live my fantasy football but some people in this industry evolution their not feeling well when you start to achieve success and start putting obstacles, but all are just paths, all of which are with me helping me Giving support until today I say THANK YOU and for all those who do not like to see if I succeed I thank them because without them I cannot move forward, Where am today is better than my yesterday. 🇺🇬🇺🇬 Let's @futsaluganda


Futsal family meet @king_akram_10 the former player of mengo city FC who trades in Austria in the club called future FC, he is one of the fruits of futsal super league he has joined the likes of Sulaiman Mutyaba, Kalisa Jamil n @sad._man_ who joined football from futsal unlike for them who play at home for him crossed the boarder and he is the first in the history of futsal in Uganda to go international we wish him and rest the best of the best 1❤️ 🇺🇬??🇬 Let's @futsaluganda


In 🇺🇬 we don't need beautiful fields to show case our talent all we need is space and ⚽ that's @mutumba_richard destroying some one


He is called very talented boy future @ugandacranes player hope will lead us in in America n Canada

@fifaworldcup penalties shoot u10 Uganda kids love this game they play it with passion future @ugandacranes players @onyango36 ur successor 🎥 @shedrackbernardo30


@tikitakaleeds this how we do it in @futsaluganda 6 touches to goal 🇺🇬🇺🇬 Let's


Match day 23 results n table standings


In our local language we call it (gogolo) this how we used to do it in Uganda we don't need expensive thing to be happy, happiness is in every situation, it is with in you. I don't need to be rich to be happy, all you need is to appreciate whatever situation ur in because some one out there wanna be where you are😀😀😀😀 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬 💪💪💪❤️😍🤣

 image by SayCarNyo  Sulailan Sulaiman🇺🇬 (@sulaimsek12) with caption : "G❤️❤️D MORNING FUTSAL FAMILY UGANDA
Match Day 23 fixture
#Futs" - 2037555934109389625

G❤️❤️D MORNING FUTSAL FAMILY UGANDA Match Day 23 fixture Let's

 image by SayCarNyo  Sulailan Sulaiman🇺🇬 (@sulaimsek12) with caption : "Message I just received from our brother Amir, formerly known as Loon. May Allah free him and unite him with his family " - 2037305891238676976

Message I just received from our brother Amir, formerly known as Loon. May Allah free him and unite him with his family soon. 👇🏽 Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, My dear brothers and sisters in Tawheed and Sunnah, may Allah increase you in all that is good and praiseworthy in the blessed month of Ramadhan. May He accept your fasting, prayer and du'a. May He purify you, draw you closer to Him and elevate you in rank in this life and the next. I ask Allah to rectify all of your affairs and unite your hearts upon goodness and make your feet firm. If there is anything that I've done or said, that has brought you any harm or difficulty. I ask that Allah forgive me, and that you forgive me for my shortcomings, deficiencies and flaws. I am a mere servant who is in dire and consistent need of Allah's Mercy. Your brother and servant of the Most Kind Abu Shams Amir Junaid Muhadith


No customers coming to buy so decided to Remind myself wheather still can do these moves. I learnt this ball flipping from sitya loss video of @eddykenzo@eddykenzonews

 image by SayCarNyo  Sulailan Sulaiman🇺🇬 (@sulaimsek12) with caption : "Hajji ( pilgrimage ) in the Bible 
#IamSulaimsek12" - 2036250762259223612

Hajji ( pilgrimage ) in the Bible


Yeak kabowa is now 6 points a head of park FC who is parking in second position. They put up a tremendous performance when they were playing crown FC which is the 3 position, their goal machine Ssebagala EnocK didn't feature in the game because of the red card he got when they were defeating typhoon FC this didn't stop them from hitting the nets with their net burster Avemah Shafiq who leveled with Ssebagala EnocK on 36 goals. The race of the boot is among them plus idd babu who is 6 goals below them. Here is the table standings and topscorers list Let's

 image by SayCarNyo  Sulailan Sulaiman🇺🇬 (@sulaimsek12) with caption : "@sad._man_  yesterday displayed a beautiful performance when he made 3 assists when his team @expressfcuganda was defeat" - 2034731980646942016

@sad._man_ yesterday displayed a beautiful performance when he made 3 assists when his team @expressfcuganda was defeating Bright stars FC 3-1. Before he was playing in for mengo city futsal club after joined express FC playing in top flight league Uganda premiere league Let's ( support our own)