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Time's running out to be my VIP guest at the @MenInBlack: International premiere! What are you waiting for? You can look up more fun dino facts after! The clock is ticking, so support the @auschildhood foundation and enter now through my bio link or at @omazeworld


Had a blast training with @82spaniard. New @CentrFit workouts coming! Be the first to know when they drop by following along @CentrFit


NBA stars playing out-of-this-world? Game on. 🏀 Hit the court with me, @tessamaethompson and as we investigate the . 🕶


@marvelstudios ・・・ Relive every moment again and again. Marvel Studios’ is now playing in theaters. Get tickets (link in bio)

 image by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) with caption : "I’ve got an important mission for you… I need YOU to be my VIP guest at the @MenInBlack: International premiere! Are you" - 2043713182582584528

I’ve got an important mission for you… I need YOU to be my VIP guest at the @MenInBlack: International premiere! Are you up for it? Support @auschildhood and ENTER through my bio link or at @omazeworld


Wild trip to Shipstern Bluff in Tasmania for the event. Congrats to all the madmen who competed and @nathan_florence for taking the win that was insane!! Thanks also @avminaircharter for yet another seamless trip @markmathewssurf@zocobodypro@emerysurfboards@lukemun 🤙🤙🤙🤙


Happy Mother’s Day to all the legendary mums out there!! Especially my two favorites here! We owe you the world . @elsapatakyconfidential ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏


Flashback to a little lunch @robertdowneyjr threw while we were shooting @avengers. What can I say, the music took hold of me...not sure why nobody joined me, probably just intimidated 🕺🏻🤷‍♂️ @renner4real@therussobrothers@markruffalo


Avengers has passed $2 billion at the box office in just two weeks. So incredibly thankful for the love for these films. 11 years and 22 films later here we are @avengers. To the fans 🙏🙏🙏🙏😘😘😘 🥂🥂🥂@therussobrothers@robertdowneyjr@renner4real@markruffalo@marvelstudios


Care to join me at the @MenInBlack: International premiere? (It might have taken me a few tries to get the invite right, but I promise I won’t neuralyze you when we actually hang out.) Support the awesome work of @auschildhood and ENTER through my bio link or at @omazeworld


Smashing the box office across the globe, biggest opening of all time. All I can say is thank you to all the fans. None of this is possible without you guys. @marvel@marvelstudios@avengers


I remember many years ago carving my name into wet concrete on the sidewalk outside my grandmas place, little did I know that years on those skills would come in handy! Honoured to share this moment with my Avenging mates on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame 🙏🤙👍🕺 @avengers@marvelstudios@markruffalo@robertdowneyjr@renner4real@therussobrothers