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harley curtis (@skitzbra) Instagram Profile Photo skitzbra

Firstly if a man gets a girl pregnant and he doesn't want to be the father he shouldn't have to be women can send child to foster care within its first bday so men should get the same right to back out also another thingbu don't even have to be the biological farther and u can still be made to pay child support if your name is on the birth certificate men need more rights of backing out to be equal with women

Tyler Anders (@turtanders) Instagram Profile Photo turtanders

Shut up

🍆🖤Mr. and Mr.🖤🍆 (@gay_nothing.but_gay) Instagram Profile Photo gay_nothing.but_gay

So many negative comments, I’m disappointed

Ozzie Doumanian (@ozzie.comedian) Instagram Profile Photo ozzie.comedian

Leaving a baby isn’t the same thing as killing one.

THE FUCKING HAREM KING (@that.dirty_whore) Instagram Profile Photo that.dirty_whore

Women always do it and men cant because a woman can falsely accuse a man of being the father and after thirty days even with legal amd government proof he is not the father they are still held responsible so protest that away if you want abortions for fun

mr asshole (@afatcatfromsweden) Instagram Profile Photo afatcatfromsweden

Well it’s a different sin but it’s still a sin.

Mitchell Eaton (@dorky_the_great) Instagram Profile Photo dorky_the_great

@beccaisapunk rapists should have a right to choose what happens to there kid. And the should the men have to pay childcare even if the woman can support the kids on her own? My point is, the courts are very biased against men. And benefits women significantly. Thats why marriage rates are declining because men dont want to be screwed over in divorce court

Bradey Stover (@dj_beast14) Instagram Profile Photo dj_beast14

Both are problems and both need to be fixed, like it has been proven that the fetus in the mothers womb is alive and has a heartbeat and there for it is wrong to kill it, however if a man gets a women pregnant he should man up and help take care of the child not just pay child support because even if we just banned the abortions the child would still end up mentally unstable and with Alot of burdens in later life because they grew up with out a father I honestly wouldn't be apposed to actually having this be a really thing were both are illegal because the children would get the chance to live and the women don't have to worry about raising the child alone because the dude legally can not leave and would have to stay up till or as long as the child is still in the moms cudtody, because the dude shouldn't have to stay if the baby is ever put up for adoption, this would all be a great way to fix the problem at its root

 (@welpgeez) Instagram Profile Photo welpgeez

How about men get a vasectomy if they want no abortions 😍

Mitchell Eaton (@dorky_the_great) Instagram Profile Photo dorky_the_great

@welpgeez vascentonies cant be undone