The internet is undefeated... #PGEPowerShutdown - 2151751777723131003

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Genetic Mutant Warrior (@mitchyomamma) Instagram Profile Photo mitchyomamma

Know the whole story first ...

Genetic Mutant Warrior (@mitchyomamma) Instagram Profile Photo mitchyomamma

Sad to see this. Loved seeing our North state. Oh well ... Free speech. 😁👍

🅺🆁🅸🆂🆃🅸 (@kraykrayswanderland) Instagram Profile Photo kraykrayswanderland

Most of us in the bay didn't even lose power, just a few days off work mandatory....unpaid🤷‍♀️

Holly Price (@hollyp31) Instagram Profile Photo hollyp31

Sad to see you hop on the bandwagon.

Sarah Whitaker (@sarahannrl) Instagram Profile Photo sarahannrl

Very sad to see this negativity from an account I enjoyed following.

loran vilas (@loranvilas) Instagram Profile Photo loranvilas

agreed sara.

Bambi Moonshine (@bambi_moonshine) Instagram Profile Photo bambi_moonshine

People saying this is negative, or trying to find some giggles while personally being affected by this mess. All about perception my friends! Memes are a way to make light of a situation and personally I would rather make light of things when I can than be miserable over this whole thing. Happiness is a choice no matter what is happening to you. Sometimes it’s just easier than others.