Worked on another piece for @dove. I truly believe that curly women need more representation in the media. So, let's spr - 2149411666128047783

 Instagram Carousel by Angela Mary Vaz (@straycurls) with caption : "Worked on another piece for @dove. I truly believe that curly women need more representation in the media. So, let's spr" at Bangalore, India - 2149411666128047783

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Gaby ☀️ (@giftofcolors) Instagram Profile Photo giftofcolors

I wasn’t expecting that last slide and it hit me like a truck and I am suddenly tear-y eyes

Brooke Henderson (@zoehenderson26) Instagram Profile Photo zoehenderson26

I feel like that to some times I’m still transitioning back to natural hair I’m 2months post I think I got this 🙏🏽✨🌸✨🌸✨🌸✨🌸

Mare 🍍 (@curlyterp) Instagram Profile Photo curlyterp

Love this!!!!!!💗💗

Sandra de Vos (@sandradevos_) Instagram Profile Photo sandradevos_

Straight hair isnt everything

💕☁️🦋⚡️🍭 (@oatmealraisin) Instagram Profile Photo oatmealraisin

I hated my hair all throughout my childhood 😭 I was insulted many times, sometimes from well-intentioned ppl. But now for the past 3 years, curly girls are finally "at the standard of beauty" ✨

Betty Bee (@missbetykah) Instagram Profile Photo missbetykah

Yes! There was a reason why Jasmine and Pocahontas were my fave Disney princesses: they were the only ones who looked somewhat like me and I hated that I didn't have their hair! It warms my heart to see more representation years later and we could always use more (especially for darker tones and 4 type hair)❤️

Koat (Konkey Mong) (@trash_skellington) Instagram Profile Photo trash_skellington

I was called a lion growing up and it made it really hard to love my hair. I straightened it middle school through high school. Now I’m trying to revitalize my curls and learn to accept them. I still get upset when I see gorgeous straight hair and I’m sad when I can’t get bangs like them or other hairstyles, but I am learning to love it all.

🍁Preeti Kachhap🍁 (@preeti_kachhap) Instagram Profile Photo preeti_kachhap

All my school life people made fun of my curly hair, and I always wished for straight hairs until I realized my hairs are different and special so I start taking care of them..and now people are giving me compliments for my hairs.... It's curly and extraordinary and I love them...😊😊😊❤️

Ankur Rajpali (@rajpaliankur) Instagram Profile Photo rajpaliankur

So truee 😍

Amy (@sexyrockchick94) Instagram Profile Photo sexyrockchick94

I have fine straight hair, barely any of it and long for curly hair. Even had it permed a few times, and had to learn what products were good for the upkeep which took a while and was high maintenance but i just loved my curls 💕