instructions unclear. i’m sitting crisscross in the middle of an intersection - 2138605626498423815

 image by audrey ✩ memes & textposts (@inthetextbook2) with caption : "instructions unclear. i’m sitting crisscross in the middle of an intersection" - 2138605626498423815

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 (@buddy_arnold_leo) Instagram Profile Photo buddy_arnold_leo

Look at my dogs 🐶

donna (@therewasahugefightatmyschool) Instagram Profile Photo therewasahugefightatmyschool

So you hear yourself thinking right? Interrupt those thoughts. Like, be rude to urself when ur talking shit on urself. If you say you're dumb, interject and say "I'm dumb thicc"

tan (@aitanazaldivar) Instagram Profile Photo aitanazaldivar

Fake it until you make it honestly

ARA 💋 (@mcwhoreaux) Instagram Profile Photo mcwhoreaux

I basically Uno Reversed card-ed the way I speak to myself. I don't do the self pitying, self deprecating humor anymore. I started hamming it up, saying shit like "I am an immortal god and the sexiest person alive" and stuff and even though I'm joking obv it still HUGELY boosted my confidence

tanjipa (@bigbiblebowser) Instagram Profile Photo bigbiblebowser

I just say 'it be like that sometimes' and sleep

Yannik Burkard (@burkajan) Instagram Profile Photo burkajan

what if you have like no energy?

its priya not priyaa (@isabelle.priyaa) Instagram Profile Photo isabelle.priyaa

fake it till ya make it

𝕸𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖘 ( Instagram Profile Photo

I did that same shit lol I just fake it til I make it then eventually it feels real enough to be real

Amy-anne (@amy_anne03) Instagram Profile Photo amy_anne03

Step 1 look in the mirror and go oh dam u a queen holy shit how I look so fire???

Yohana Erastia S.S (@yohanatia) Instagram Profile Photo yohanatia

A tutorial please