Putting the finishing touches on the latest class for Contino Workshop about starting a creative business and it made me - 2126280652868572842

 image by Jon Contino (@joncontino) with caption : "Putting the finishing touches on the latest class for Contino Workshop about starting a creative business and it made me" - 2126280652868572842

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I took the leap of faith and can honestly say it was the hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever done cause I’ve got a family to support! My biggest challenge was organising myself and staying focussed on one thing at a a time I got pushed to my limit in a 9-5 ‘creative’ role which just became too much like a cog in a machine. Since then I have never been more tired, stressed and just don’t ever stop thinking and working! It’s so fucking awesome! But still super scary! 😂😄😭🤓

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Mainly money , it’s hard to give up a good salary to go independent . But I guess you just have to do both until independence wins. 🤷‍♂️

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To many interests. Dropped out graphic design school last year really don’t know where to go but I know it’ll probably have to be something like you are describing. The main thing I think is having to pay bills and getting too deep in the comfort of having a steady income. But the thought of not wasting my life is the only thing that Im sure of.

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I'm an introveted creative person, and not good with sales or numbers. It's good to have a partner that can handle the business side. I was lucky that my wife took that roll. We've been in business for 10yrs but it's been a rollercoaster. Sustainability is an issue. 🤘

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Wanting to work a job with a decent work/life balance so I can peruse or start up creative endeavours on my own time, but not having enough "professional experience" to help me land a stepping stone job that could lead to a more satisfying and lateral moving career job. Basically my biggest uphill battle since finishing college. I'm still on the hunt for a new job but until then I am working overnights in a warehouse. On my worst days, it really really gets at me.

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Laziness. I’d conquer the world but tomorrow, yea, not now )))

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Don't tell me what to do dad!

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Not enough experience, no clients, no workshop, no proper tools, missing out on creative connections.... 10 years of grinding later starts to give shape to my vision on work. it's worth it to follow your gut.