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Egypt$! 🗽i am ... N.Y.C (@fabian.steeler_lal_2.1804) Instagram Profile Photo fabian.steeler_lal_2.1804

Dayauum 💎💎💎I have nothing but love for u. Nancy missfancy alva she reps🎒🎒🎁🎁🗽🎹💐💐Sholar. Welcome to the land of vibrant debates and conspiracy theories. You can provide many portugal thought with sound , fact based analysis of a situation ;she will ponder if im in the base god sess princess express our agreements move on to a couple of quilts centuries ago mines is yours foerver egytian. Now a few secOnds ago i gave you power im your lungs perhaps we never saw the path towards wrath and mohogony ever lee now and fence white mixed ..throughout process accumalate hope on sense plus scents very much into me as i am a pharoah who compliments kings and queens from bieng abridged silence in blend thorough in the the sheets every day angelina and grace in my veins....

Egypt$! 🗽i am ... N.Y.C (@fabian.steeler_lal_2.1804) Instagram Profile Photo fabian.steeler_lal_2.1804


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Leuke foto😍

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Hey @chrisbrownofficial I just signed my daughter up for a casting call for your new @blackpyramidofficial clothing line..... I hope she gets picked!!!! #shessofreakindope 💜🔥🙏🏽

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Check dm bro I sent u a pic of my black pyramid @chrisbrownofficial

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You should have these in paternity as well. 💙 @chrisbrownofficial

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I’m convinced you have a color complex 🤷🏽‍♀️you literally have no black women posing for your clothes . Why is that ? @chrisbrownofficial and u a black man. Did a black woman break your heart back in high school or something . Why don’t u like black women?