To see what is happening right now in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and several other states in our country is not only - 2046542435983304130

 image by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) with caption : "To see what is happening right now in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and several other states in our country is not only " - 2046542435983304130

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Shivam Gour (@shivam.gour.1209) Instagram Profile Photo shivam.gour.1209

I think nobody can't tell anyone what the do with their body

figshorfjy (@dkndupfxjt) Instagram Profile Photo dkndupfxjt

Is verry true.👍👍👍👍👍👍

Stephanie Kaunas (@sk5kaunas) Instagram Profile Photo sk5kaunas

So very sad that after all you’ve been through, you would actually think it’s ok to end the life of another human being because it’s “your body, your choice”... praying for you that you open your heart, your eyes and your ears to the life of the unborn.

Catherine (@catherine_edris) Instagram Profile Photo catherine_edris

There’s a reason that a person is charged with two murders when they murder a pregnant woman. It doesn’t matter how far into the pregnancy she is. It’s still the babies life. It’s not the woman’s body. It’s the babies. Stop killing your children! They were created for a reason! As soon as the sperm reaches the egg, it’s the start of a baby (Gods priceless creation). How dare you believe that taking the life of God’s precious child is ok. Well it’s not. And people need to start realizing that. Please like this comment if you agree.

DOTK (@daughterofthekingbook) Instagram Profile Photo daughterofthekingbook

Women don’t have a say when they have sex they chose to use their bodies to fornicate (against God’s word) hence they don’t get the option to “choose” to abort or kill their child. Sorry. This is not biblical I pray God will reveal this to you @selenagomez

professional meme stealer 64 (@myster_steal_your_memes_and_gf) Instagram Profile Photo myster_steal_your_memes_and_gf

Stop glorifying literally murder

Johnson Family (@johnsonsusmc) Instagram Profile Photo johnsonsusmc

Nobody is, they're telling us what not to do to our children.

Gabrielle Victoria Breitbach (@gabriellebreitbach) Instagram Profile Photo gabriellebreitbach

I just gave birth to my baby girl she was the size of a nickel and somehow she looks at me now with her beautiful baby eyes. To think my body created that how could anyone take that away? What about the life of the baby growing inside of you? I couldn’t imagine terminating my girl. I couldn’t imagine life without her. And I’m doing this alone and young. I just don’t understand how someone could kill something so fragile and precious...

🌹C H A R L E N E 🌹 (@charburt1) Instagram Profile Photo charburt1

Sorry but you CAN'T say you have a relationship with God, sing for worship at church and agree to KILL a human baby. I am so disappointed and sad that you would be pro abortion. I pray that the veil will be lifted off your eyes and heart Selena because deep down you know this is wrong. I will no longer be listening or supporting your music/ movies anymore. You could do so much more that God has called you to do if you just let go and stop doing what others think is right. Go against the grain and live a life where God leads you and I promise you your life will be much better. God said in the end times what will be evil will be considered good and what's good will be considered evil.

 (@smooth.spaceg) Instagram Profile Photo smooth.spaceg

to all you “pro-lifers” why do you think a seven week old embryo deserves more rights than a seven week old newborn? Why does the embryo get the right to use a whole other persons body for its survival regardless of wether or not the other person agrees to it, but the second it’s born that right to use its mothers body for survival is taken away from it? what makes fetuses so much more important than people who have already been born that they have more rights than literally anybody else in the world. How do you feel about the fact that MORE people die when abortion is illegal than when it’s legal? You call yourselves “pro-life” but if you had it your way there would not be more life, all those fetuses would still die, the only difference is the women would start dying too. You are not pro-life if you support that. Safe abortions SAVE LIVES! it’s a tragedy that the fetus has to die but I will NEVER support a law that will result in the deaths of more human lives. There are ways to end abortions but taking away women’s bodily autonomy, essentially forcing them into back alley procedures where they’re likely to lose their life is not the way to do it. #prochoice #prochoiceISprolife