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Best first date of 2019! ❤️🙏, Scott Disick,(@letthelordbewithyou)

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LizaBeth Stephenson (@cronebella) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı cronebella

Mind your own household,people! It doesn't in any way concern you...

Joey Kalvinek (@kalvinekjoey) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı kalvinekjoey

I see nothing wrong with that people are hateful she’s just a little girl

flaca (@flacavip26) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı flacavip26

I don’t think this was racist, but the fact that people do might mean it could be misconstrued. I love Scott but being in the light you still have to be mindful and remember if you don’t want your kids to be spoiled rich kids do make sure there are consequences for bad behavior like smacking a nanny🙄🙄 that’s what people should have been in an uproar about not this! Like mom blamed it on her being tired and dad blamed on her being young! No it’s not ok for any reason for a child to hit an adult at any age... but I love Scott they might learn the hard way when a kid at school beats them up privilege won’t help there.

Tantrums N Tiara's (@rlanda619) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı rlanda619

My daughter pulls her eyes up all the time she’s not pulling them to the side people are ridiculous!!

Into Leadership (@intoleadership) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı intoleadership

People just need to get a grip and stop apologising for rubbish. Snowflakes need to start to thaw as this is utterly ridiculous. Adding more unnecessary politics to pictures is rubbish. Picture is great, seems like a great fun. 💖

Bobbie (@bobbielynnbrown) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı bobbielynnbrown

People need to stop... This is just a little girl being silly. Any little girl would be happy to be out being silly with a great dad. Not a bit racist. People just STOP...

Kelly Mordini/Summer (@kellyleemordini) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı kellyleemordini

Too cute♥️Glad you both are enjoying your dinner together.

Shola Olugunna (@efunyemi) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı efunyemi

Some people just have too much time on their hands , are people really offended at a child making funny faces ? She pulled her eye lid upward and this is deemed as a racist gesture ? All of you need to check yourselves....get a life please.

Gail Moore Lowe (@godsmacked777) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı godsmacked777

Yall need to stop with the dumd sh_t. Because yall are reaching now. You said its been a while since hes been seen for his negative behavior. So now yall just reachin. Give it a rest. And im not a fan and i can see it, clear as day. Stop it💜

Leticia Benitez (@cubana2210) Instagram Profil Fotoğrafı cubana2210

Omg REALLY??? You people need to stop the hating, you are all just there waiting to find anything wrong with what ever they do, if you dislike all of them so much why are you following them!!