Best first date of 2019! ❤️🙏 - 1948457745679987062

 image by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou) with caption : "Best first date of 2019! ❤️🙏" - 1948457745679987062

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Belinda Rowe Hallcraft (@bellestarr56) Instagram Profile Photo bellestarr56

Oh please lighten up!

nanamata (@grandmamata) Instagram Profile Photo grandmamata

Leave it only she is not doing anything just enjoying time with her dad ...enjoy being a kid Penelope!😘

Cindy Williamson Kahanek (@cindywkahanek) Instagram Profile Photo cindywkahanek

You have to really be a wing nut to go on a rampage about an innocent photo like this!!!!! Folks ya’ll are working around the clock to be offended!! Get over yourselves snowflakes !!❄️❄️❄️❄️

Timarie (@timarie_02) Instagram Profile Photo timarie_02

Wow! Her eyes are being pulled up. This is so stupid. No, if she was pulling them back on the sides then maybe, but she is a kid. I will be honest, when I was I did do both! Never thought nothing more of it then making, condemn me! But think back, I bet you did it too. Oh wait, I bet you were the perfect child that got everything right...

Julie H. (@__jhammer__) Instagram Profile Photo __jhammer__

I’m 50% Japanese and this is not racist in any way.... she’s pulling her eyelids up, not to the sides. When I was a kid I used to stick the chopsticks in my ears and pull my eyes to the side IN FRONT OF MY JAPANESE FAMILY🙄

prettyfrenchie💞 (@frenchiehendriix) Instagram Profile Photo frenchiehendriix

💕💕 Adorable.

Promise C Ozioko (@promcy_o) Instagram Profile Photo promcy_o

So many cute pictures😍😍

Amanda Spencer Reece (@areece79) Instagram Profile Photo areece79

The eyelids are being pulled up, not from the sides. Quit trying to make it racial, when its not.

Mary L Gonzales (@gmaryl) Instagram Profile Photo gmaryl

Just a kid being a kid, quit making a Big deal of it.

Paula Black (@fanddaunt) Instagram Profile Photo fanddaunt

Penelope is getting so big.