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Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel

Rep. Jordan A. Harris (@jordanaharris) Instagram Profile Photo

Rep. Jordan A. Harris

I would not be the person and legislator I am today without professors who pushed me. I shared this story tonight at the dinner. As I’ve said education is the elevator out of poverty and the @PApromiseHE is the power to that elevator. Thanks for having me @apscuf

Maggie Ayers (@maggie__ayers) Instagram Profile Photo

Maggie Ayers

banquet 2018💃🏼

caleb enoff (@caleb_enoff) Instagram Profile Photo

caleb enoff

my prom date was smokin hot🔥

Summer Ruskey (@summer.ruskey) Instagram Profile Photo

Summer Ruskey


Splenda Daddy 🍬 (@read_hoare) Instagram Profile Photo

Splenda Daddy 🍬

Prom was great, after? Hm don’t ask me

emma freeman 🛸 (@ikremma) Instagram Profile Photo

emma freeman 🛸

senior prom 👑🌹✨

nicole guercio (@nicole_guercio) Instagram Profile Photo

nicole guercio

dont leave me☹️

Kristen Kreimer (@kristenkreimer) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristen Kreimer

Gonna have to accept I’ll always be the side piece @beer

Jenna Brooke❦ (@jennaalowe) Instagram Profile Photo

Jenna Brooke❦

I think it was prom or somethin’ 🤩

Good times. Better people.

brielles’ plus 1 for the night!!!

Lindsey Blest Van Ness (@lindseyvanness) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsey Blest Van Ness

Humbled and honored to receive @pnanews’s Edith Hughes Emerging Journalist award tonight. | Keep writing, keep fighting. I’m convinced more than ever that this work matters.

Naughty or nice

Shannon McDonnell (@shannonmcdonnell.png) Instagram Profile Photo

Shannon McDonnell

ΦΜ formal 2017

Erin McFeeters (@emcfeeters) Instagram Profile Photo

Erin McFeeters

Here’s to an organization that has never let me down, brought me friendships, and has given me memories to last a lifetime. Never have I been prouder of myself and my club💛💙

lots of ❤ for prom & you

Prom was bet, best part was meeting @fortbucks though

🌙🌿🌻✨☁️ (@elizabethgrier) Instagram Profile Photo


prommm💙 pc: @lotusandlightphotography

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