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The Old Clare Hotel medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: The Old Clare Hotel

JENNA KUTCHER (@jennakutcher) Instagram Profile Photo


If the Jenna Kutcher brand had a street, I’d imagine it’d look a lot like this! 😂 Double tap if you agree, the perfect palette! We traded our bikinis for beanies and are enjoying the sweater weather in Australia! 🍂 Sydney was great, just touched down in Melbourne and out to explore — after nap time! Following an itinerary laid out by @noken making our life easy peasy and taking the guesswork out of the travel life down under. 🌎 Where in the world would you go if you could go anywhere? Tell me below! 👇🏼

Cindy Priscilla Hutagaol (@cindypriscilla) Instagram Profile Photo

Cindy Priscilla Hutagaol

Flying back home!❤️

City of Sydney (@cityofsydney) Instagram Profile Photo

City of Sydney

In June we declared a climate emergency. It was a signal that we need to accelerate our actions to reduce our impact. Today’s shows that we’re not alone. Thousands of you agree that more action is required at every level of government. We’re proud of your passion, Sydney! 👊 📷: Katherine Griffiths

SCOTT TWEEDIE (@stweedie) Instagram Profile Photo


in Sydney. 1000’s of our next generation of leaders and ‘problem solvers’ pack the Domain to fight for a future world they want to live in.

Vincent Graham Rowell (@grahamrowell) Instagram Profile Photo

Vincent Graham Rowell

Appreciation post for our crew that makes us look and sound great every night, love these boys.

Lindsay Schoolcraft (@lindzriot) Instagram Profile Photo

Lindsay Schoolcraft

I’m so honoured to be this babe’s bridesmaid. Every time I think about the wedding and what a wonderful man she has found and gets to spend her life with it gets me misty eyed. She’s one of the strongest and most resilient women I’ve ever met who holds her own in this music industry. It’s been a wild ride, beyond happy for you and proud of you! Congrats @melli_fit_fun and @simibuflu HOLY CRAP ITS TOMORROW!!! 👰🏻💖🤵🏽

Anna Kooiman (@annakooiman) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Kooiman

🍭 Candy Crush! 🍭 The sun is back out in Sydney today. Yayyyyyyy! ☀️ 👗 @kkbloomboutique @milarosejewelry

Icha Irawan (@icha.irawan) Instagram Profile Photo

Icha Irawan

Assalamualaikum Pagiii Ibu2 semuaa... Tarahuuu taraahuuu hehee MasyaAllah. Saya paling gak bisa yg namanya liat gorengan. Langsung penget comot. Semalam Saya juga bikin tahu goreng ini ibu2. Kalau di buku resepnya kan pakai isian sayur. Biar gampang aja smalam gak saya isi. Karena tahu yg saya pakai semalam enaak bgt lembut sayang klo dipretelin isinyaa hehee. Bener loh tahu disini enaaaakkk bgt mirip2 tahu “tauhid” yg di lembang itu lembutnya tapi bedanya disini gak dibumbuin kuning. Plain aja.. Apalagi klo beli pas bgt pagi2 baru digorengin sekantong itu sekilo $7. Sambil jalan pulang jg udh habis setengah saya cemilin sambil nyetir😅 Apalagi klo pas ketemu yg jual cabe rawitt... MasyaAllah☺️ Ini resep yg sama dgn dibuku yaa.. TAHU ISI by @icha.irawan Bahan : 10bh Tahu goreng 4siung bawang putih,cincang halus 50gr Wortel iris 50gr tauge 50gr Kol iris Garam Lada Kaldu ayam bubuk Bahan tepung pelapis : 3 sdm penuh tepung terigu 1 sdm penuh tepung beras 1 sdm tepung sagu/tapioka 2 siung bawang putih, haluskan 1sdt garam/ sesuaikan Air secukupnya, sampai kental saja Cara membuat : Siapkan 10bh tahu yg sudah digoreng pilih yg kopong dan iris tidak putus bagian permukaan atasnya untuk memasukkan isian sayur. Tumis bawang putih sampai wangi, masukkan wortel, kok, dan tauge. Beri garam lada dan kaldu ayam bubuk. Aduk rata cepat saja jgn lama nanti sayur akan layu, koreksi rasa. Masukkan sayur secukupnya kedalam tahu, sisihkan. Campur smua bahan pelapis dan beri sedikiit demi sedikit air jgn terlalu cair. Buat agak kental. Celupkan tahu goreng yg sudah diisi sayur tadi. Goreng didalam minyak panas yg banyak. Goreng smua hingga kecoklatan. Angkat dan sajikan dgn cabe rawit

Buddy Franklin (@buddy_franklin23) Instagram Profile Photo

Buddy Franklin

@Jesinta_franklin and I recently learnt about the Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Awards. This year, @mag_nt & @telstra have launched the People’s Choice Award, which gives us all the chance to support our incredible home grown talent. Head to to vote for your favourite artwork.

Pia Miranda (@_piamiranda) Instagram Profile Photo

Pia Miranda

Living out my childhood dream! Big Ted is such a nice guy btw 😊😊😊 @abctv

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs (@nrl_bulldogs) Instagram Profile Photo

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

📆 September 20, 1998: The incredible win over @theparraeels.

tony albert (@tonyalbert) Instagram Profile Photo

tony albert

No need to say more... x 🖤💛❤️

Nova Peris OAM OLY (@novaperis) Instagram Profile Photo

Nova Peris OAM OLY

Proud of my daughter @destiny_peris finishing Year 12 at 2019! An amazing & somewhat emotional this evening!

LYNDI COHEN // Nutritionist (@nude_nutritionist) Instagram Profile Photo

LYNDI COHEN // Nutritionist

A lot of people try to argue with science, but the evidence is in and it’s looking grim. 🌎 The Great Barrier Reef is broken, the drought is unsustainable, the water is rising, the ice is melting and the amazon is on fire...🔥🌳 . . And that’s just the start of it. If not us, then who? If not now, then when? I’ve never considered myself particularly ‘green’ before but things have got to change... so must I. Come join the Sydney Climate Strike in the domain... or anywhere around the world.

Dean Mumm (@deanmumm) Instagram Profile Photo

Dean Mumm

A huge thank you to so many people and this crew who helped us raise over $140,000 for @bornehmri to To those who attended, donated prizes and sponsored the event, we are so grateful for your support and for joining our charities mission.

Success Resources Australia (@successresourcesaustralia) Instagram Profile Photo

Success Resources Australia

Good morning Firewalkers! Make the sound of your soul unleashed 🗣🔥

MATT LITTLE (@_mattlittle) Instagram Profile Photo


Climate strike 2019.

7NEWS Sydney (@7newssyd) Instagram Profile Photo

7NEWS Sydney

At least 35,000 people nationwide, and perhaps as many as 225,000, are set to strike in favour of stronger action on climate change. The Global Strike 4 Climate will take place in 110 towns and cities across Australia, with organisers demanding the government and businesses commit to a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

ikhanggoreng (@ikatiww_) Instagram Profile Photo


i really dont care about what anyone think of me every time and every where. I who i , i dont live to please you and my life is not from you🙂

DIEGO  REVUELTA🌍 (@diego.revu) Instagram Profile Photo


Hoy es un día para el cambio y para el aprendizaje, con muchos nervios y a la vez con todas las ganas posibles. Toca despedirse una vez más de mi familia, de mis amigos y de toda la gente que me rodea, pero que el amor que me dan todos ellos siempre me sirva para coger con todas las ganas del mundo mi nuevo destino,Australia.🇦🇺🦘 See you soon!

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