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Salem, Oregon medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Salem, Oregon

Brandon Martorano (@bmartorano) Instagram Profile Photo

Brandon Martorano

Beyond thankful for a great first season with some awesome people ! Also huge shout to @davidgreenmedia for a 🔥🔥 job all summer !

Evynne Hollens (@evynnehollens) Instagram Profile Photo

Evynne Hollens

our first backstage selfie as a family of performers 😍

Oregon State Men's Golf (@beavermgolf) Instagram Profile Photo

Oregon State Men's Golf

@illahehillscountryclub views during our final round of qualifying today. Headed to Seattle for our 1st tournament tomorrow!

Governor Kate Brown (@oregongovbrown) Instagram Profile Photo

Governor Kate Brown

It’s our job to protect the future for our kids. These young students came to the Capitol today to tell me their concerns about climate change. “Our future is your unfinished business,” they told me. They’re right. We absolutely must act on climate.

Chris 💸 Martin (@chrismartin20) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris 💸 Martin

23 years old today! Want to start by thanking God for His glory and His grace! I’ve not only been blessed with the opportunity to make it to my 23rd birthday, but I have also been blessed with the opportunity to be the new graduate assistant at my alma mater Corban University! I look forward to not only getting my Masters in Business Administration, but also learning from coach Freeman and the rest of our staff in order to impact young adults lives. I know how much the game gave to me, and it’s only right I give back! Thank you to coach Freeman for the opportunity, I can’t wait to see what these next two years look like! Also thank you to all my supporters! Continue to chase your dreams and the sky’s the limit! Coach Cmart out✌🏾!💙🏁 🎁 🎉🎊🎂

Katen Taylor Edwards (@katen.edwards) Instagram Profile Photo

Katen Taylor Edwards

Still obsessed with @kelpittsphoto talent with a camera!! I miss my team so much😭❤️

Beth Snider (@bethnichole11) Instagram Profile Photo

Beth Snider

Snap saw it first 🥳

🎡💖 shout out to all the girls I follow living their best lives. uwu

Lauren Redcay 🦋🌞💐 (@laur.een) Instagram Profile Photo

Lauren Redcay 🦋🌞💐

over. it.

we all have to do better 🌍 link in bio to write to your legislators & senators about why you want them to support climate conscious bills ✍🏻

Enrique Chavez (@enriqqo) Instagram Profile Photo

Enrique Chavez

Cuídense todos ✌🏽

Tom Monroe (@winestache) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom Monroe

The early Fall rains pushed away and the beautiful Willamette Valley skies opened up today allowing me to cruise around the valley and check in on our vines in preparation for harvest. We are very close to picking at some of these incredible vineyards. Next week will really kick things in high gear for us and I’m so freaking excited! I’ve always loved Fall and I really love harvest and what I get to do - to make wine with some of the greatest people!

Nicholas D.G. Hikes (@nicholasdghikes) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicholas D.G. Hikes

Addicted to laughing with you two.

sierra dawn (@heyholyrolla) Instagram Profile Photo

sierra dawn

I’ve let go of so many burdens in the past few weeks. Feelin free and fre$h

Bentley’s Stainless Steel Straws will be FREE with purchase of any 24oz drink this Friday!! Can’t make it Friday? Don’t worry, they will be available anytime for only $1. While researching stainless straws, we found many of them to be a much higher price. We decided to sell ours for just a buck hoping that it would encourage more people to make the switch.

Thank you to each and every person in my dutch family for making this the best job ever but I want to give a special shoutout to my bestie who I’ve got to work along side of for almost 2 years 💛 catch ya later Barnyard

Me and my sea anemone inspired, dahlia focused bouquet I created for a new lesson for the Ponderosa Classroom Online yesterday! So excited to share the video with the classroom soon! Q: What’s your favorite size of dahlia?

Anna Copic (@annacopic) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Copic

Oh hey, didn’t see ya there 🙃🌹

03.27.2019🦋 (@zoey.unruh) Instagram Profile Photo


• when a women cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life • 9 inches gone and I am SOOOO FREAKING glad I got out of my comfort zone and cut my hair! It may seem dramatic, but holy crap, i can really understand the: “new hair, new me” vibe. — BIG SHOUTOUT to JcHairology for exceeding my expectations, pampering me, listen to what I wanted, & made me feel so amazing + beautiful!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! @jc_hairologist is so amazing, worth the investment, & is truly amazing at what she does. I had happy tears I was so excited!!!! + her assistant @kelseyhardin is the sweetest person ever and added all the extra loves! i am so glad i finally met you!!!! — thank you so much for finally making me do it & recommending @jc_hairologist to me @justcallmeriles!!! hair dates are the new thing!

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