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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Planet Earth

Chris Liebing (@chris_liebing) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Liebing

As Summer comes to an end and I on my way to Ibiza now to play my last set of the season at @afterlife_ofc, I wanna give a shout out to the makers of this most azing piece of equipment, the Orion 32+ from @antelope_audio . Been heavily using and abusing it for about four years now and it never failed on me even once. No matter what the circumstances, humid, hot, cold, sweaty... this audio interface is always working, while delivering the most azing and powerful sound. This might seem like an advertisement or some nerdy tech post to u, but ask any DJ and he will tell u that one of the most important things on tour is, equipment that u can rely on. With the combination of the @playdifferently Model1 Mixer beast, I have never been happier as a DJ. So thank you, creators of this azing equipment, that can not only keep up with all the touring, it makes it even way more fun! 🙏💯 See you tonight on the dancefloor at @hiibizaofficial .. 🥳

Harley Ingleby (@harleyingleby) Instagram Profile Photo

Harley Ingleby

I’m not even going to try articulate how incredible yesterday was 🥰 @gina_ingleby you are truely incredible. Little Isla Ingleby joined us yesterday afternoon around 5.30pm.

Majk Spirit (@majkspirit) Instagram Profile Photo

Majk Spirit

Co ked su klimaticke zmeny vymysel a my zmenime svet k lepsiemu tak pre nic za nic? 🤦‍♂️ 97% vedcov sa zhoduje ze ako ludia prispievame ku klimatickym zmenam, napriek tomu kazdy treti american vraj veri ze je to iba vymysel ktory ma ospravedlnit porusovanie ich obcianskych prav.. rad rozoberam vsetky druhy konspiracnych teorii, ale pri tejto musim suhlasit ze niektore mozu byt aj nebezpecne.. klimaticke zmeny su najvacsia hrozba a vyzva dnesnej doby, a neverit v globalne oteplovanie je uz skoro ako neverit v gravitaciu.. extremne pocasie, poziare, hurikany, tajfuny, zaplavy, rekordne teploty - my sme posledna generacia ktora to moze vyriesit a zachranit svet.. cim dlhsie cakame tym tazsie bude riesenie.. alfa a omega je zbavit sa zavislosti na fosilnych palivach - vymenit nase auta za elektricke, jest a konzumovat rozumnejsie, namontovat na strechy solarne panely, a hlavne podporovat lidrov a korporacie ktore sa snazia tento globalny problem riesit, suhlasis? 🌍 (Link v stories na par praktickych typov ako to mozes ovplyvnit ako jednotlivec..)

Kilian Jornet (@kilianjornet) Instagram Profile Photo

Kilian Jornet

Going outdoors (almost) every day I’m always amazed by the beauty and strength of nature, but also how fast the is affecting the biodiversity and resources of our planet. I know I’m on the % who pollutes the most, with all the travels, and I try to change my lifestyle to reduce my impact, with less travel, other forms of traveling, a vegetarian diet, the energy of our home, reducing my belongings, voting and pushing where I have influence towards a more sustainable way of living/producing. Seems that the next generation is much more aware of all those problems and this gives a big hope. Lead by @gretathunberg this week is the way to show to the world that we want to change, because

Joana Duarte (@joana____duarte) Instagram Profile Photo

Joana Duarte

We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. Jacques Cousteau ❤️ @seacofficial

Channel Islands Surfboards (@cisurfboards) Instagram Profile Photo

Channel Islands Surfboards

Join us to take action during the Global this Friday, September 20, when countless students and businesses (and their employees) everywhere will march together and send a message that we want positive and immediate action to help remedy the climate emergency. . To support the next generation, we’re closing our headquarters in Carpinteria and stores in Santa Barbara and Santa Monica for business so everyone can walk out and join the strike in their cities on September 20. . Our stores will be closed for business but we’re using them in Santa Barbara (open 10-11am) and Santa Monica (open 9-5pm) as Action Centers where people can make signs and walk to nearby marches. . For 24 hours, on September 20, will not take orders or make any sales worldwide. The site will instead re-direct to the Global Climate Strike website to help build awareness for the cause. All of our CI owned stores will not sell product that day. Learn more via link in bio or today’s story, or go to

Robin Sharma (@robinsharma) Instagram Profile Photo

Robin Sharma

Not sure why I love helicopters so much. All I know is that as a creative person and an artist, adventure fuels my imagination. And novelty lifts my spirit. One of the challenges we face in building routines for elite performance is that they become routine. 😂😬😳 And so I do my best to BALANCE elite performance with deep recovery. And a ton of fun in life, with the people I love. The model I live by—and that has been so very valuable to me and my top clients—is called “The Twin Cycles of Elite Performance” and if you’re interested in learning it you can find a whole module on it in my latest book “The 5AM Club”. And if you’re not interested in reading the book that’s quite fine— please just remember that it’s mission-essential not only for maximum productivity but sustained mastery that you adventure, rest, joy and wonder in your life along with intense work cycles. Thank you for making my latest book one of the selling books in the world right now. Kindly know there is a real person behind these “digital words” who really cares about your genius, your potential and you living your finest life possible. I work for my readers. And it’s the great honor of my life to be of service. I’m also very happy that each book sold raises money to help children suffering from leprosy. So when you win, they win. Love, Robin

Deborah Hanekamp (@mamamedicine) Instagram Profile Photo

Deborah Hanekamp

My heart is feeling so open, happy and free after yesterday’s WORLDWIDE Digital Medicine Reading Ceremony where from Sri Lanka to Switzerland, San Francisco to Singapore we all took time to tap into unity consciousness and take a moment to be our own healers. I’m feeling super inspired to begin facilitating this live offering on new and full moons starting in October. 🌕🌑🍃 Link in Bio to join me... . . . . . my bath magic captured by @ashleyriverbrant

RUBY 🖖🏾👸🏾 (@rubyishot) Instagram Profile Photo

RUBY 🖖🏾👸🏾

Frige! Frige!🔥 @jo.ioanaa 🖖🏾👸🏾

Olivia Marei (@oliviamarei) Instagram Profile Photo

Olivia Marei

Morgen gehen weltweit Menschen auf die Straßen, um sich für unser Klima und unseren Planeten einzusetzen. 🌲🌍🌱 Ich bin in Berlin dabei und mach zu dem Anlass ein Takeover auf dem @gzsz Instagr Account! (Und nein, keine Belehrungen - die hasse ich auch, sondern einfach Dokumentationen des Events und falls es mich überkommt auch ein paar Gedanken dazu.) Seid Ihr in Eurer Stadt Start? (Anzeige wegen Markierung)

Chloë Sevigny (@chloessevigny) Instagram Profile Photo

Chloë Sevigny

Global Climate Strike September 20th to 27th Find your closest strike or register your own at @fridaysforfuture 🎨 @raquelapariccio

Amie Engerbretson (@amieski) Instagram Profile Photo

Amie Engerbretson

Tomorrow people, brands and communities, young and old, from all different walks of life are coming together to take a stand for our climate! JOIN US! . I love the mountains and the beautiful communities that nestle among them. I have had the privilege to see many of earths natural beauties and I want these treasures to exist and thrive for generations. As part of the greater outdoor community, we have the power to create change. Turning our passion into purpose is what it is all about. Joining a march tomorrow is a great step (or maybe lots of steps) in the right direction! We have MANY voices so let’s use them! Climate breakdown isn’t inevitable. We know the solutions we need, and together, we have the power to make them happen. There is no Planet B. When the earth and communities we love are under attack, we stand up and fight back! . “Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. We demand climate justice for everyone.” I will be in Reno at 5:30pm, follow the link in my bio to find a strike near you! . Photo: @acpictures @protectourwinters @globalclimatestrike ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️

Slow Factory Global (@theslowfactory) Instagram Profile Photo

Slow Factory Global

Our friends over @futureearth will be taking over during the climate strike tomorrow in NYC— follow them and lets continue to mobilize ourselves for our collective future 🌎

Alexander Megos (@alexandermegos) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexander Megos

Please take a minute. Have a look around. Maybe you are looking at a lush green forest, maybe you're at the seaside, or maybe you are at the office waiting to be done with work to go outside for a run, a bike ride or a climb. We are taking all this for granted when in fact we have to realize that our earth is a delicate place. We are about to destroy it. The climate crisis is a human issue. Answer with Action. Link in my bio to find your nearest climate strike. @patagonia_climb @patagoniaeurope @patagonia (saving the planet seems pretty stylish in my eyes). (if we don't save the planet there won't be any more carrots and therefore no power either).

Model Alliance (@modelallianceny) Instagram Profile Photo

Model Alliance

This Friday, September 20th, millions of people will join young climate strikers in a Global . Find your local strike at Why are you striking? How are you using your voice to create change?

Brew Dr. Kombucha (@brewdr) Instagram Profile Photo

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Looking for a source of energy while you're on the go? Uplift has got you covered with 130mg of natural caffeine in every bottle. 🌿⁠⚡⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

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