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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Maui

Camilla Belle (@camillabelle) Instagram Profile Photo

Camilla Belle

@caseykasems ! It’s your birthday !! Throwing it back to this casual moment ...when you got married ! 😜 To think that only 15 years ago we were singing our hearts out in choir ! 😂🤣 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! (You’ll get a song and dance later ! )

SHANE PERRY (@n_racc) Instagram Profile Photo


Today I’m stoked on community 👈🏼 Good, solid community builds not only success in a business but also in a family, marriage, and faith. I heard it was said that “ You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with “ I couldn’t agree more. Here’s a photo of me and the amazing people Jessie and I surround ourselves with.

Aidan Mu®phy (@aidanmxrphy) Instagram Profile Photo

Aidan Mu®phy

Don’t Drown 🌊

GRACIE WIPFLI (@graciewipfli) Instagram Profile Photo


on island time 🤭

hawaii was fun

hi, i’m never leaving

Michael Grant (@jmichaelgrant) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Grant


stay salty beaches🌞

brooke CC bell 📸 (@brookieccb) Instagram Profile Photo

brooke CC bell 📸

didn’t find Moana /: found pascal tho 🦎

Aloha state of mind🌺

Elise Filo (@elisefilo) Instagram Profile Photo

Elise Filo

My grandparents in Hawaii 34 years ago. Looks like the coconut doesn’t fall too far from the tree 😏🌴🥥

victoriafaithhhh (@victoriafaithhhh) Instagram Profile Photo


This life, I feel, has been a journey. I was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts & lived there until I was 9 years old. We decided to move to Pennsylvania ; where We ended up staying until I graduated high school. After that, we moved to California where I met @tyshepherd3 & lived there for 3 years. We decided to move to Maui together and begin another awesome journey. I’m in love with this island and all of its beauty. This place is my home where I feel I truly found myself. Where I have lived, the people I have met along the way, my amazing family; they all hold a special place in my heart & have made me the woman I am today. Please feel free to swipe and take a look at some random throw backs. ❤️

calista busch (@cali.leigh) Instagram Profile Photo

calista busch

almost missing my flight was a sign i shouldnt leave

miranda shearer (@mirandaashearer) Instagram Profile Photo

miranda shearer

bro. yesterday was so cool. we went to the farmer’s market early in the morning (and ate ALL the samples), which was cool thing number 1. but THEN we spontaneously decided to go to catherine’s (host family’s) house, who not only welcomed us into their gorgeous home and let us pet their dogs (!!), but stopped everything they were doing to cook us a homemade brunch and in general, just treat us like family. so we spent the morning eating fancy food and drinking fancy things on a balcony of a fancy house, with a view overlooking the whole island. and we just TALKED. dang, friendship is ridiculous. unnecessary & extravagant hospitality from former strangers is ridiculous. I thought I had signed myself up to be a broke missionary, but I’ve never felt so rich. I frickin love how Jesus blesses His kids for no reason. He just loves to give gifts to us. & yesterday, that gift came in the form of 4 girls from various countries, a married couple with huge hearts, and some homemade raspberry scones.

Gail Simmons Interior Design (@gsimmonsdesign) Instagram Profile Photo

Gail Simmons Interior Design

Someday, I will learn to make a cake this beautiful. Someday! Made by Jaqueline Rose Perry. Rustic Roses, Maui Cakes

Robb Humphreys (@robbhumphreys) Instagram Profile Photo

Robb Humphreys

Amazing! The resilient human spirit 🙏🏼💫. You could feel the joy spread across the island yesterday afternoon when this news broke...

we love maui

KT 💎 Forever (@diamondkmoney) Instagram Profile Photo

KT 💎 Forever

🌷 Just casually doing my thing ;) ✨

L O   W O L F (@_lowolf_) Instagram Profile Photo


A promise to stoke the fire, but an understanding that I will always return to that of which I am made of- water.

aubrey🌌🐛💌🔮 (@aubrrrr) Instagram Profile Photo


landscape reel

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