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Langston Golf Course medias on Instagram

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Callaway Golf (@callawaygolf) Instagram Profile Photo

Callaway Golf

Opened in 1939, Langston is known for its triumphant role in the desegregation of public golf, and the course has been integral to the growth of the game’s popularity amongst African Americans. As we found out, Langston shows us golf is not only a uniter of people, but of generations 🏌️‍♂️ ———— Hit the link in our bio for the newest episode of Golf Lives: Home Course, A Callaway Original.

Wardell Curry (@stephencurry30) Instagram Profile Photo

Wardell Curry

Monumental day 🙏🏽. @howard1867 and @hubisonsports will now have D-1 Men's and Women's golf thanks to a word and a vision from @ferg_iv. He spoke this into existence. Blessed to help create new opportunities for next generation ⛳️💪🏽

SC30 Inc (@sc30inc) Instagram Profile Photo

SC30 Inc

Grow the Game. Ruin the Game. @stephencurry30 is working to introduce the next generation to the game of golf.

Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation (@eatlearnplay) Instagram Profile Photo

Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation

Earlier this week, @eatlearnplay co-founder @stephencurry30 announced his commitment to launching @howard1867's first Division 1 men's and women's golf programs. ⁣ ⁣ “No matter where you come from or what socioeconomic background you had, we all were that kid once upon a time that was just excited about finding out who they were as a person through athletics,” said Curry, who is encouraging these players to make an impact, as well. ⁣ ⁣ As part of this commitment, each student-athlete on the golf team will have to volunteer hours towards @eatlearnplay partner programs in the Greater Washington D.C. area. #🍊🌎🏀

Darren M Haynes (@darrenmhaynes) Instagram Profile Photo

Darren M Haynes

NBA Star @stephencurry30 will sponsor the first ever D-1 golf program in Howard University’s 152-year history!!! @hubisonsports @warriors @wusa9

Mr. P = ✌🏾➕ No Frustration (@__mr.p) Instagram Profile Photo

Mr. P = ✌🏾➕ No Frustration

Shoot your shot, King. I’ll be the caddy. • • Today, Kings shared the love of a game I love with older kings who love it too. The power of personal responsibility + one shot at a time. We’re teaching life, and they give it to me. Much love to @theactionjackson for the opportunity and to @callawaygolf and @vice for making sure were telling the untold stories of our Kings. Short film coming to @hbo September! •

Self Made🤑 (@unapologeticash) Instagram Profile Photo

Self Made🤑

When August Came They Let My Dawg Out🔓 The MF Real Is Backk💪🏾

Gregory Neal Jackson Jr. (@theactionjackson) Instagram Profile Photo

Gregory Neal Jackson Jr.

Proud to be featured on @callawaygolf to represent DC, the Jackson family and our Kings as part of their home course series. Shout out to @vice @callawaygolf for making this happen. Check it out on

All about the long game!! Working on my short game.

Akil Waite (@bigakil) Instagram Profile Photo

Akil Waite

Birds Chirping, Ducks Quacking, and Me Hacking! 😉

Colby Gouldrup (@colby_gouldrup) Instagram Profile Photo

Colby Gouldrup

🏌️ ⛳️

I swear... this game is so hard! 🏌🏽‍♂️Getting better but I’m still 🗑lol😂

awthentik (@awthentik) Instagram Profile Photo


📸Probably the most epic selfie video on the golf course ever. 😂

Christian Hafer (@hafe_life) Instagram Profile Photo

Christian Hafer

I had an interesting exchange recently about where the game is headed and where it isn’t reminded me of the impact some people can have. This exchange was a back and forth about the current climate of golf being a trend. The person(s) I was in a debate with have plenty of influence themselves - sadly. It’s disturbing to hear people feel golf shouldn’t be for the masses. That this current swing towards a new culture is one they “stand against but know it will die off soon.” That they feel golf is a class based game essentially. I wonder how they take to me? Assuming not well given the argument. . The problem with their thinking, aside from the obvious, is the fact guys like @stephencurry30 are working to blow up that kind of elitist thinking. He and his team are propelling golf forward faster than every before. It’s not just Stephen though. You look at what @skratchtv did with LGBTQ community this year. There are so many examples of a new generation taking control of a GAME (it’s a game.. just a game) and open the doors to people that never thought they had a chance. . My debate ending on the fact that as much as some people love their gated courses and memberships restricting minorities guys like Curry move the needle - not turds like them. And unless they change with the times the times will roll over them. Proud to have taken a photo or two of this guy and happy to see golf “going to the masses”.

Daughter Of a Legend💪🏾💯🌟🧕🏾 (@kkchuckbaby) Instagram Profile Photo

Daughter Of a Legend💪🏾💯🌟🧕🏾

No Question 🎯💯‼️ Too Loyal if you Ask me but hey I was born this way✅

Daniel C. Roberts (@dancroberts) Instagram Profile Photo

Daniel C. Roberts

Fun on the Green!

Otis Ferguson IV ✞ (@ferg_iv) Instagram Profile Photo

Otis Ferguson IV ✞

One of the first goals I set for myself before coming to Howard was to keep playing golf even though there was no team. Three years later, through FAITH and persistence, God has blessed me with the opportunity to partner with @stephencurry30 to bring the first ever D-1 Men’s and Women’s Varsity Golf Program to Howard University as of Spring 2021. Thank you God!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ There is no secret to what God can do, what He’s done for me He will do for you🙏🏾

George Elias (@georgejelias) Instagram Profile Photo

George Elias

Make Golf Easier @bridgestonegolf

Kicking off National Golf Week by joining our friends @wearegolf for at Langston Golf Course - one of the most important landmarks when discussing the history of golf in America. Nestled between RFK stadium and the Anacostia River in NE Washington, D.C., and built as a public works project during the New Deal era, Langston opened its first nine holes for play in the late 1930’s and served as home for a burgeoning African American capital region golf community who were shut out from accessing nearby East Potomac Park Golf Course due to racial segregation (of which would not end until 1955). The course has hosted many notable events on the United Golf Association - the premier professional African American golf tour, including that circuit’s National Championship on occasion. The PGA Tour did not remove it’s “caucasian-only clause” until 1961. Throughout the course’s history, Langston has been a frequent spot for many famous individuals including Joe Lewis, Ted Rhodes, and Calvin Peete. Even Bob Hope and Gerald Ford were regulars. But, the patriarch of the links will always be Mr. Lee Elder. He was a teaching professional at Langston in the early 60’s, met his wife here, managed the property in the late 70’s/early 80’s and is the reason the course exists under the protection as a National Park to this day. Today the layout remains a favorite for DC locals, hosting a bevy of holes along the river and views of the city while serving as the blue chip location to a powerhouse of a First Tee program. Long story short, Langston is a must visit for those truly wishing to understand the complex history between race and golf within the greater context of sport in America. This is at its finest.

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