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List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Aperture Science

Zach King (@zachking) Instagram Profile Photo

Zach King

Who else wishes it was 5pm already??

Well here we are again It’s always such a pleasure Remember when you tried to kill me twice? Oh how we laughed and laughed Except I wasn’t laughing Under the circumstances I’ve been shockingly nice.

wumin 🍁 (@diegi148) Instagram Profile Photo

wumin 🍁

tus paticas son más resistentes que el carbino

しょうがない (@little_lobi) Instagram Profile Photo


Barmanlove Hospitality, LLC (@barmanlove) Instagram Profile Photo

Barmanlove Hospitality, LLC

Team Manlove is proud to announce that our Operations Manager Katie has moved on from her position as Starbucks HQ Mixology Trainer (the first and only Mixology Trainer in SB history, I might add) to a career in the tech field that utilizes her PhD. She can’t tell anyone what she’s doing, but if you swipe left you can see a hint as I understand it. So proud of the “Mother of the Mixato Mixology Team” for crushing everything she does; and intensely grateful to have her here at Barmanlove Hospitality. Here’s to her future ‘doing what she must, because she can’!

e ai galerinha do YouTube, tem videozinho novo no canal @eva.plays

posting this and nothing else today. if you know, you know. PS: even if i don't post like i used to, i'm still alive

🎶For the good of all of us... Except the ones who are dead🎶 Lil Portal MOC I made

The Cake Is a Lie 🍰

Ahora sí que me congelo, cojones.

Portal completo. Ahora a la segunda parte.

Laura Franco (@lauraframbi) Instagram Profile Photo

Laura Franco

Say you feel the same way i do

Nikolay Romanov (@22edge) Instagram Profile Photo

Nikolay Romanov


Trying Aperture Laboratories™ Energy Drink! Pretty good if I say so myself!

Gero Ginex (@gero_ginex) Instagram Profile Photo

Gero Ginex

The cake is a lie 🎂

Marsh Marsh Marsh Marsh Marsh (@hodgelover69) Instagram Profile Photo

Marsh Marsh Marsh Marsh Marsh

I’m literally shaking rn this is too much for me

Dr. Balázs Szvetlov (@balaar) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Balázs Szvetlov


Need new friends, someone hmu


Aidan "SirSkirmish" Amaya

Easily the best potato ever. And yes, it isn't just your crappy squadmates that are potatoes, they also exist elsewhere 😂

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