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Alvord Desert medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Alvord Desert

Robert Kugler (@robkugler) Instagram Profile Photo

Robert Kugler

I’ve been waiting to post this for a while...trying to find the right words to . If you don’t know of Dagwood and his pack, follow @briannamadia and prepare to fall in Love and get your heart ready for both joy and heartache, as well as faith in the strength of Love and community. For beautiful bird you. When Max and I learned that your last free run before your accident was in the Alvord Desert, we were already on our way there. An hour earlier, I had missed a turn and was 20 miles off course and almost decided to come back another time. Something had me turn around. @ktothebea had insisted I see the desert, that I would Love it. That Max would Love running free. Along the gravel road that filled my Chinook RV with dust, I was wondering if I’d made the right choice. Then, moments before pulling into the vast open lake bed, I read Brianna’s post. I knew then that we were on the right path. I knew we needed to run free in that desert in your honor. We couldn’t let fear stop us, but rather needed to allow freedom to inspire us. It’s so good to see you up on your 4 legs, with Bucket and your people so close to you, nurturing you back to health while you fight so boldly, proving the power of Love and devotion. You’re a darn good boy. Never stop smiling. ———————————————————— For everyone in and , Head on over to @briannamadia and give her and the pack a little Love, or use to send a message to the beautiful boy.

Jodi Balfour (@jodiannebalfour) Instagram Profile Photo

Jodi Balfour

Spent the weekend shooting a new film for the FW19 collection of @anotherfeather ... climbing inside the mind of @leahrebeccabrown ... this is not a green screen and yes, it was cold in the desert.

The Oregonian (@theoregonian) Instagram Profile Photo

The Oregonian

You think you know what Oregon looks like. This is where lush forests cover snow-capped mountains, where beautiful beaches line the Pacific coast, and where sagebrush dots vast stretches of high desert. But there are also places in the state that don’t look like they belong in the Pacific Northwest, let alone on planet Earth. These alien landscapes are found in the desert, by the ocean and deep underground, but walking through them might transport you to another world entirely. One has even served as inspiration for a famous fictional alien planet. If you really want to get away in Oregon, take a trip to these otherworldly destinations, where you can discover a whole new facet of our fascinating natural world. For the full list, follow the link in our bio. ALVORD DESERT The flat, cracked earth sticks out like a sore thumb in the southeast corner of Oregon’s high desert. During wet seasons, the Alvord Desert is a shallow alkali lake, but it reliably dries up by summer and early fall, when visitors can drive and camp on the playa. In addition to looking otherworldly, it’s also an amazing place to look at other worlds. 📷 @halejamesb

Oregon Dept. Fish and Wildlife (@myodfw) Instagram Profile Photo

Oregon Dept. Fish and Wildlife

This is Borax Lake. Home of the Borax Lake Chub, a fish found nowhere else on earth.

Brooke Worthington (@brooklynne.w) Instagram Profile Photo

Brooke Worthington

Alexa play Walking On Sunshine 🌵☀️

Risa Lichtman (@risaexpizza) Instagram Profile Photo

Risa Lichtman

It took me a long long time to tiptoe my way out of the closet...there were obstacles I didn’t think I would find, given my open & liberal family and upbringing. There were layers of shame I had to unpack, not just my own but from family and the greater society who othered me in small & mighty ways. It took years to be totally comfortable in my own queer skin and even now I find moments of fear when I’m in certain places far from my other queer loves. And still, I would not trade who I am FOR THE WORLD. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Whoever you are, whenever you’re ready, we’ll be here waiting with open arms, this big queer family that extends from the mountains to the city to the desert, from one end of that beautiful rainbow to the other. And I promise you, it’s a pretty damn fun family to be a part of.

Austin Dal Molin (@shizaminnelli) Instagram Profile Photo

Austin Dal Molin

4th of July on the playa🇺🇸

Sonja Kinney (@sonjakinney) Instagram Profile Photo

Sonja Kinney

Breakfast melons, bedhead, and @stuffjosiedoes makin me giggle 🌞

It was well worth all of the money we spent on gas.

Jesse Felker (@jfelk) Instagram Profile Photo

Jesse Felker

Under the Alvord twilight. .

My feed has been drier than this desert, here's something new.

Leigh Scheffey (@leighhhleighhh) Instagram Profile Photo

Leigh Scheffey

we made it.

Brian Duty (@dutyb) Instagram Profile Photo

Brian Duty

The Alvord Desert, the most unique campground I’ve been to. @myclam @gusfaller

MIRANDA CORIN (@miranda_corin) Instagram Profile Photo



Anna Grace (@annagracepdx) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Grace

A Barb in the desert.

True story, I chugged an entire bottle of @hmkpnw to get this shot 🤘 / 📸: @jayometry

Addy Peake (@peakea) Instagram Profile Photo

Addy Peake

CM19 🎆

Dave Coy (@dave_coy) Instagram Profile Photo

Dave Coy

Nature being

Melanie Farley¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@mellfarr) Instagram Profile Photo

Melanie Farley¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Take a picture it’ll last longer well well well @letsbstill @ it again

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