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Levi's Stadium medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Levi's Stadium

George Kittle (@gkittle46) Instagram Profile Photogkittle46

George Kittle


Giddy up for round 3 🐎

San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) Instagram Profile Photo49ers

San Francisco 49ers


The type of content you love to see. @jimmypolo10 working at OTAs!

Pita Taumoepenu Jr (@pitataumoepenu) Instagram Profile Photopitataumoepenu

Pita Taumoepenu Jr


Gotta throw it up for my TokoUso πŸ€™πŸ½ Another day to get better with my brothers. @49ers

Dzung Lewis (@honeysuckle) Instagram Profile Photohoneysuckle

Dzung Lewis


Growing up Asian American. Our new and personal video is finally out... **update: I had to take it down and re edit some things. We’re new at this and didn’t want to offend anyone in the photos so out of respect we decided to blur them out. Video will be back up tomorrow.** This one took us forever to edit because we wanted to tell a really complete story with photo flashbacks and give you a fuller picture. I’m not gonna lie, seeing this video come together made me cry... maybe because I’m hormonal but it’s weird seeing your story come to life! It wasn’t a hard childhood, it was different. And if you grew up with Asian parents, maybe you could relate too. I’d lobe to know! I also made Banh cuon... hope you like it! Maybe we’ll cut it to just give you the recipe on IGTV tomorrow. But for now, we need a nap. Lol! Link in bio and IG stories! Thanks for watching πŸ’—πŸ’— .

Maya ✨ (@mayakhurana) Instagram Profile Photomayakhurana

Maya ✨


One big phat road trip πŸš—πŸš—

49ers Cal-Hi Sports Report (@49erscalhi) Instagram Profile Photo49erscalhi

49ers Cal-Hi Sports Report


What a night! We appreciate all of those who attending our 16th-annual awards banquet last night! Including special guests @gkittle46 and John Lynch. Check out our Facebook page with tons more photos!


Very emotional day at the @planetbeautyofficial Valley Fair store, getting all the gorgeous girls ready for Prom! Especially @gitika.pahwa who’s never worn makeup, today @shadesbyshan had the honor of glamming her up for her special day, swipe πŸ‘‰πŸ½ to see her mom’s reaction! 🀧😭 We love how makeup brings so many people together and creates life lasting memories πŸ’•

Table Tennis | Ping Pong (@thetopspinsc) Instagram Profile Photothetopspinsc

Table Tennis | Ping Pong


Play with, learn about, and shop for table tennis equipment at our table tennis research center!​​ -​​The TopSpin -​ -​​ -​​

HOLLY WOODBURY (@hollywoodbury) Instagram Profile Photohollywoodbury


 Instagram Image by HOLLY WOODBURY (@hollywoodbury) with caption : "Same time next week?" at Santa Clara, California - 2048780652561522002

Same time next week?

raychel hatch 🍞 (@rayyyychel) Instagram Profile Photorayyyychel

raychel hatch 🍞


bad boys, bad boys. whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do when they come for you? πŸ’₯

ang πŸ›Έ (@angelinahazzouri) Instagram Profile Photoangelinahazzouri

ang πŸ›Έ

 Instagram Image by ang πŸ›Έ (@angelinahazzouri) with caption : "DM for avocados $50 each" at Santa Clara, California - 2048341215532654504

DM for avocados $50 each

Alex Knode (@alexknode) Instagram Profile Photoalexknode

Alex Knode

 Instagram Image by Alex Knode (@alexknode) with caption : "So my big brother did a thing today... He graduated from Santa Clara Law!! My brother and I are not very affectionate to" at Mission Church - Santa Clara University - 2046936909871546961

So my big brother did a thing today... He graduated from Santa Clara Law!! My brother and I are not very affectionate towards each other but I am beyond proud of him!... and I may or may not have cried

lucia πŸ¦‹ (@luciafhodges) Instagram Profile Photoluciafhodges

lucia πŸ¦‹


hey @santaclarauniversity i love you, but i’m not ready for college yet @sallie.paige

 Instagram Image by vi !! ( with caption : "prom β™‘" at Santa Clara University - 2047541487555504361

prom β™‘

megan8manderson (@megan8manderson) Instagram Profile Photomegan8manderson


 Instagram Image by megan8manderson (@megan8manderson) with caption : "β€œB*tch you a dog and your home girl too ayy”" at Santa Clara, California - 2049035611079303577

β€œB*tch you a dog and your home girl too ayy”

 Instagram Image by Hannah (@han.armstrong) with caption : "Me, living my best life" at Santa Clara, California - 2046884213131850815

Me, living my best life

β˜† katee alison β˜† (@kateebug11) Instagram Profile Photokateebug11

β˜† katee alison β˜†



JEπŸ‘πŸ‘E (@jessecalifornia) Instagram Profile Photojessecalifornia


 Instagram Image by JEπŸ‘πŸ‘E (@jessecalifornia) with caption : "*TOUR CANCELLED* This shirt would have been available tonight at the SF show. I wanted it to look like a bootleg parking" at Levi's Stadium - 2046602439813340590

*TOUR CANCELLED* This shirt would have been available tonight at the SF show. I wanted it to look like a bootleg parking lot tee

amana liddell (@amanarenee) Instagram Profile Photoamanarenee

amana liddell


no BIG deal!! couldn’t have asked for a better big, twin, or family!!!πŸ–€

 Instagram Image by Katie Wang (@katiewongspelledwang) with caption : "Okay...let’s figure out this whole living together thing πŸ˜œπŸ’" at Levi's Stadium - 2046632723905239644

Okay...let’s figure out this whole living together thing πŸ˜œπŸ’