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Nayuki / KIKI (@napipipi_m) Instagram Profile Photonapipipi_m

Nayuki / KIKI

 Instagram Image by Nayuki / KIKI (@napipipi_m) with caption : "Yokohama christ church.
#church #yokohama #morning #spring #garden #flower" at 横浜山手聖公会 - 2026597192361320252

Yokohama christ church. 横浜山手聖公会。 横浜市民やけど、それを名乗れないほど横浜のこと知らんかったなーと思った。 #yokohama

Where We Eat (@where_we_eat) Instagram Profile Photowhere_we_eat

Where We Eat

 Instagram Image by Where We Eat (@where_we_eat) with caption : "the #pastaoftheday always changes and this visit was a nice #redsauce with #calamari and #rabe ..I love it when the #par" at 関内馬車道Piacere[ピアチェーレ] - 2026596912493707500

the always changes and this visit was a nice with and ..I love it when the melts just a little! is the best way to spend ¥1000 including all you can drink or & plus a nifty little that is different every visit #yokohama is on point

Junktion Climbing (@junktion.climbing) Instagram Profile Photojunktion.climbing

Junktion Climbing

- 昨日は昨日で若手の強マン が登りに来てくれました! - 初段を片っ端からやっつけ二段は敗退… - ごめんなさいしてましたね(笑) - しかし強い! そして若い! - パワー漲る登りに惚れ惚れですね! - 若者と登れるように日々精進! - #yokohama@junktion.climbing

Nova Muhidir /mom of three (@countrykyra) Instagram Profile Photocountrykyra

Nova Muhidir /mom of three

sujeong, park (@crystalloha) Instagram Profile Photocrystalloha

sujeong, park


우리.호텔뷰실화냐?! . 너무이뽀서😍 넘나감동이야~👍👍 . . 지베안갈래ㅜㅜ 나여기살꺼야😄😄 . . 요코하마.진심오길잘햇어🤭